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Consumers turn to walk-in showers as the demise of the bath continues

One of the top UK online bathroom retailers has found that 25% of Britons would prefer to have a walk-in shower than a traditional bath in their bathrooms. In an ergonomic shift in the way that our bathroom habits have changed in recent years, UK Bathrooms has seen a 340% increase in walk-in shower sales over the past two years as consumers look to streamline their bathroom activities and become more economical.

ukBathrooms conducted a set of surveys as part of their look into the bathroom habits of UK households, they asked, “What bathroom suite would you prefer to have in your home?” and “Do you generally prefer to shower rather than take a bath?” 1,000 people participated in the survey and the figures concluded that 25% would prefer a walk-in shower as opposed to a traditional bath, and that a massive 62% preferred showering to a soak in the tub.

From the survey data, ukBathrooms found:

  • 43% would like a walk-in shower and a bath in their bathroom.
  • 25% would prefer just to have a walk-in shower and ditch the bath completely.
  • Only 18% of respondents would like a shower over bath configuration in their bathroom.
  • 14% would opt for a bath only.
  • 62% of respondents said that they preferred to shower rather than take a bath.

The survey reflects the growing trend to take a shower as opposed to relaxing in the tub, with more and more people opting to ditch the bath entirely and installing modern walk-in showers. ukBathrooms sales figures show a 340% increase in walk-in shower sales during the past two years, and a 34% increase in shower head and bathroom accessory sales. However, it still seems that people aren’t ready to swap their traditional bath just yet as sales are still strong with 106% increase over the last 24 months.

Mark Walters from ukBathrooms said, “From the survey results and the sales figures, we can easily see a change in bathing habits, which is reflected in our lifestyles as people become more time conscious you look to showering as it’s quick, but also from an ecological point of view it is also better than taking a bath which uses more water. However baths are still an important addition in people’s homes.

“We can see the evolution from bathing to showering in the UK, the contemporary bathroom which has in the UK shifted to a preference for showering, with modern baths being reserved as a luxury, flash item for the master bathroom, influenced by European design and lifestyle. But we aren’t ready to give up taking baths just yet in the UK as we still see them selling well, just not at the same phenomenal rate as walk in showers.”

Main picture: ukBathrooms

Have your say – what would you prefer to have in your bathroom? A traditional bath, a walk-in shower or a bath and shower combo. Leave your comments below.



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