Colour Schemes for Traditional Bathroom Suites

Designing traditional bathroom suites can often be harder than putting together a more modern style and finding the right basin taps, showers and bathroom accessories to suit your theme won’t be as easy.

The best place to start is often with the colour scheme you are going to choose. The majority of traditional bathrooms will have a white ceramic bath, toilet and bathroom sink, so it is often recommended to choose a colour for your tiles or walls that will give some contrast.

In Victorian-style bathrooms, darker colours tend to be the more common choice when it comes to bathroom furniture, and if you can also have stained wooden floors it will give the prefect finish to this period design. Obviously, it will always be better to have the room as bright as possible, so a light shade for the walls or tiling will be best. An Edwardian style bathroom will be slightly easier to recreate, as there will be more opportunity to use modern colours and themes. Bright blues and creams are some of the popular colours for this style of bathroom.

Of course, traditional bathroom suites can also include vintage designs from the 1920’s through to the 1960’s, which will come with their own unique colour schemes. But before making any decision, it will be best to browse through different bathroom showrooms to see what colours they combine with each design. Having the wrong colour scheme for your period bathroom will mean it will never look complete.

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