Cleaning Kitchen Sink Strainers

Many people routinely clean their sinks, but they overlook the strainers.  If you notice an odour coming from the sink even after it has been cleaned, the smell could be coming from the strainer.  It is a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning the strainer on a regular basis.  You may think that the strainer is just there to catch food particles, but the strainer is actually designed to prevent clogs and damage to pipes and drains.

When you clean your sink after daily use, make sure to wipe down the strainer as well.  Use a soapy cloth to do this.  Cleaning the strainer will remove grease and build-up that could eventually have a negative effect on how water drains from the sink.  Always remove food and debris from the strainer each time you finish cleaning the sink.  By allowing food to remain in the strainer, you will promote bacteria growth.

If you notice the drain having a strong smell, the smell could simply be bacteria in the drain pipes.  By pouring a cleaning product down the drain, you will also be cleaning the strainer at the same time.  After pouring any cleaner into the drain, make sure to let the hot water run for a few minutes.  This will help to activate the cleaner and kill any bacteria in the drain and on the strainer.

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