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Choosing the right floor heating for your conservatory

There are two uniquely different choices when it comes to looking at a floor heating system for your conservatory. Underfloor heating kits can be purchased at any local home improvement store, and you can choose between electric underfloor heating kits or wet underfloor heating kits. Each has their own unique advantages and installation processes, and depending upon the personal preference of the individual each has their own unique desirability factors.

Electric underfloor heating is one of the easiest to install because there are no moving parts and it can literally be put down as a heat mat underneath whatever flooring material is in place or that will be put in place. There are leads connected to the heat mat which are connected to the nearest electoral outlet, as well as an underfloor heating thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of the floor at all times.

Water underfloor heating systems require a network of pipes within the screeded subfloor, and are fairly complex in comparison to the electric underfloor heating systems. The pipes must be plumbed directly into the heating system or a radiator extension, or they can be plumbed directly into the boiler for the house, which allows more control over the temperature via the underfloor heating thermostat. Regardless of whether you are adding floor heating to a new conservatory or upgrading an existing one, underfloor heating systems are the most ideal way to warm this particular type of room, not only because of its efficiency but because it is extremely simple and out of sight.


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