Choosing the Right Bath Taps

When faced with the range of bath taps on offer it can be hard to choose the right one that will suit your bathroom. More modern-style bath taps are easily the most popular on the market, but there will only be a certain few that will be a suitable choice for your suite.

Firstly, you must decide whether you want a single-bloc mixer (one tap providing hot and cold water) or the standard two-tap set. Also becoming a common sight in the latest modern bathroom suites are wall-mounted bath taps that will provide a more sleek finish and will save space around your bath.

The majority of modern bath taps come in a chrome finish, with over-arching taps and helix handles a popular combination. If you do not have a power-shower installed in your bathroom, there will be plenty of tap-shower mixers on offer, but, of course, these will come at an extra price.

For traditional bathroom suites, bath tap styles tend to be categorized by the time periods from which they are designed, such as Edwardian and Victorian. It is well worth your while researching the style of your current bathroom furniture and accessories to see what bath taps will complement the current setting.

Also an important factor to take into consideration is the style of your basin taps. It is best to go for a complete match with the bath taps but this will not always b e possible if you wish to use antique items.

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