Choosing a new Shower Tray

The shower tray is probably the one area of the whole showering experience that people do not think about. We open the door, we turn the taps on, we adjust the water temperature and pressure and then we shower. We never give a thought to what we are standing on.

At one time the shower tray was really bulky and noticeable, and you probably had to step over a lip to get in to shower. Not any more, since shower trays are becoming more slim line and more minimalistic, to bring a touch of class into your bathroom, giving it a designer feel.

Coming in all shapes and sizes, to suit even the smallest of spaces, your shower tray could easily fit into a recessed area of the bathroom making it an excellent space saving feature. Sizes can range from 610mm x 610 mm up to 1700 mm x 800 mm, but this is likely to vary depending on the manufacturer. With such a large range of sizes there is bound to be something to suit everybody.

Shape is another factor; regular square trays are now being replaced by the more popular rectangular, quadrant and even offset quadrant. The quadrant has a right angled side to fit into the corner of the room, and a rounded outer edge for a modern feel that makes the shower space seem larger. The offset quadrant is more elongated for slightly larger spaces.

Designer shower trays also come in a range of colours that will complement any décor and give the added finishing touch to the new bathroom.

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