Choosing a guest bed for your spare bedroom

After you have chosen your own bed, its right size, mattress and material such as wood, metal or leather, you may go on to invest in one or more guest beds. Guest beds can be bought either for a business, such as B&Bs or hotels, or for private, spare rooms. Guest beds can also be part of your own bedroom.

Guest beds are typically of a smaller size than with your own bed, although this may vary. When buying double beds for a B&B or hotel business, you may consider buying both double and king size guest beds so that you can vary room charges accordingly. Tourists visiting from the USA, for example, are likely to be used to sleeping in larger beds than are common in the UK; they are thus more likely to buy a king size room to sleep in.

Guest beds that may be suitable for your own home are smaller doubles, twin or single beds, and perhaps also children’s beds or baby cots. You may have a spare room in which to put guest beds.

Options for putting up guests in your own bedroom are buying stretcher beds that can be folded away and stored, sofa beds that can folded during the day and put against the wall or in a corner and trundle beds. A trundle bed is in effect two beds: one of which is smaller and can be stored underneath the larger one when not used.

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