Cheap Bathroom Refurbishment

Giving your bathroom a thorough refurbishment need not cost the earth. In fact, for around £75, you can freshen up even the most jaded room and all it takes is a little paint and some inexpensive DIY supplies.

Firstly, take a look around the bathroom. Flooring and plumbing tend to be costly to replace, so try to live with them until you have a little more money in your wallet.

Apart from the bath, wall colour is perhaps the first thing people notice in a bathroom, so try to contrast both. For a soft, romantic atmosphere use pastels, such as pale yellow or fuchsia or strong bold colours like cobalt blue. Perhaps you might consider a monochrome look, with bamboo or rattan to soften the harshness. Whichever colour you choose, be sure to use an eggshell finish. It repels moisture and is easy to clean.

Take a good look at your bathroom accessories. Markets are a great place to pick up interesting glassware or ceramic items. These make a huge difference and easily double up as toothbrush holders or soap dishes.

Also have a search around your home. The chances are that somewhere in the back of a cupboard is an interesting vase or glass container. Any basket or box can be used to store towels and toilet rolls or how about an old bedside table? Perfect for an impromptu vanity unit. Just make sure it is eye-catching. Why not paint it to make a standout feature?

Finally, have a look for tiles that are being sold off cheaply at your local hardware shop. These could provide an inexpensive and chic way of cladding the bath and allow you to create your own stunning patterns and design.

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