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The success of “Help to Buy”

One of the great success stories that the coalition government can take credit for, as far as first time buyers wanting to get onto the housing ladder is concerned, is the help to buy scheme. So far 40,000 people have been helped by the scheme, most of which have been first time buyers, the figures are believed to be around 78% Of those that have had help, the total figure is thought to be £5.9 billion, with the value of the property which has been purchased, or in some cases re-mortgaged £156,031, which compares favourably with the nation house price being £272,000. (more…)


Rents in Scotland on the rise

Figures are out that show that the average rent in Scotland for residential property have risen by just 1.3% in the last 12 months, but in the East of Scotland they have increased by 3.2% over the year possibly due to the oil exploration factor. Even after these increases the increases are just half of those seen in England and Wales, according to the latest sector index.

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Northern house prices growing at a fast rate

Northern towns and cities have a lot of catching up to do if they want to begin to match overall price increases that have been experienced in London, but signs are that they are moving in an upward direction.


Can an en-suite really add money to your property?

Many consider having an en-suite bathroom to be a great advantage but according to one “property expert”, he considers that we should not add them. But it depends upon whether you are thinking of renting out your property or selling it.

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House building programme 10% up in 2014

The number of new homes being built in the UK is up, starts are now 10% higher than 2013 and in fact it is the highest yearly total since 2007.

The number of new starts on homes during 2014 is 137,010; London has seen the most new starts since the boom years of 2005 to 2006 all according to the Department of Communities and Local Government. A grand total of 700,000 new homes have been completed since 2009 and much of this has to be attributed to the government’s flagship Help to Buy scheme, which is believed to have been responsible for 200,000 of these. (more…)


Property search website Zoopla hit by newcomer’s launch

When rival property search website OnTheMarket was launched by a consortium consisting of large estate agents including Savills, Chestertons and Douglas & Gordon, it impacted on the two other websites but it seems only in the short term. However many agents are returning to Zoopla and they have reported a 14pc annual increase in the number of monthly visitors.

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Pensioner landlords could drive up house prices

A huge number of people are coming up to retiring age and many of them are planning to downsize and move into smaller properties, no longer wanting the larger multi bedroom homes that they own and which in most cases are mortgage free. However this can make things even more difficult for young buyers as the stock of smaller homes is bought making the home ownership dream even more out of reach for young buyers.

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400,000 Brits own homes worth more than £1million

It is a staggering figure, but with the rise in property prices, particularly over the last ten years or so, more Britons are becoming property millionaires, or as it has been named “homillionaires” that is properties worth more than a £1million.


Homeowners flocking to release equity

Thousands of homeowners are beginning to realise that they are sitting on a pile of cash, which is their home and are releasing this to either fund retirement, help younger members of their family. Figures reveal that a massive £1.4billion has been released through the equity release scheme, using the money to bulk up pensions, or to give money to children and grandchildren rather than wait for inheritance.

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Black mould in bathrooms puts off home buyers

A new survey by a leading UK bathroom retailer has found that black mould in the bathroom is enough to put some potential home buyers off a property. 50% of those questioned said that black mould would be enough to put them off buying a property, with out-dated or old bathrooms also high on people’s list.

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