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From the quarry to your home - granite worktops

Granite is an igneous rock which if formed by magma and is a major part of the Earths continental crust; it is typically made up of mica, feldspar and quartz. Granite is hard and durable and has gained widespread use as a constructional material, where it is used for floors, pillars and granite worktops. Granite comes in many different colours including black, white, brown and red and is caused by differing percentages of the three main minerals mica, feldspar and quartz. This makes every granite deposit unique and gives it its thought after veining and crystallisation appearance. Once the granite has been excavated from the earth, it needs to be cut into manageable pieces for further refinement. This is no easy task as granite is second only to diamond in hardness, but is generally done by using diamond tipped circular saw and water coolant. When the granite has been cut into a manageable size its sides are roughly smoothed before being ground and polished. The granite worktops are polished to a glossy, glass like finish then shipped to the granite workshop. From there it can be ordered by a customer to their specific requirements, whether it is for floor tiles or worktops. The granite has now come from under the ground and ended up as a shiny worktop in your house that is strong and durable enough to last a life time.

Where is Travertine made?

Travertine is not man made, but is a wholly natural product that is formed through centuries of geothermal heated supersaturated alkaline waters, and is a natural stone material from the limestone family. It is made of calcium carbonate and is usually found in the form of deposits near warm or hot springs; it was frequently used in ancient times as a building material. Because travertine is such a porous material, it should be sealed before use in construction or renovation projects. It is most commonly used for countertops and flooring, but may also be used in showers and tub surrounds as well as in exterior decor and is an extremely versatile and attractive building material.

Travertine Tiles—Chic and Fashionable

In a world where change is constant, people are always trying to keep up with the latest trends and innovations of any industry. Some people are interested in the most up-to-date items in fashion; others are inclined to know the latest in new gadgets, while others are concerned with the interior of their homes and offices.In terms of interior design, tiles play a significant factor in the beautification process. One of the staple and innovative factors of the tile industry is travertine tiles.The history of this type of tile can be traced back to the time of the Greek and Roman Empires. Travertine rocks are formed in underground rivers, buried springs and other sources of water. People are usually attracted to this tile because it is akin to limestone and marble.Travertine tiles can be used in floors, walls and other parts of an edifice. It gives a classy and chic look, especially because it comes in a variety of colours including white, beige, ivory shade, deep reddish brown and gold. In addition, these tiles can fit pretty much anywhere, because cutting and shaping according to one’s taste is easy; travertine is a highly-diverse stone.Another fascinating feature of travertine tiles is its durability. Maintaining the beauty and quality of this tile requires only simple maintenance. Polishing the tiles will provide extra shine while brushing it enhances its textured surface.Travertine tiles can make any space, whether outdoor or indoor, look elegant and stylish. The uniqueness and modernity of this beautiful rock can be experienced by anyone, without the need to spend large amounts of money.

Kitchen Replacement or Kitchen Revamp

Kitchens are at the heart of the modern homes yet there are so many essential items and appliances that need to be located in the kitchen.

If you are happy with the position of storage sink and appliances within your kitchen then you could just revamp which is more cost-effective than a full replacement of all the kitchen units, wall cupboards, sink unit and kitchen appliances

Planning a new Kitchen

The most important part of Kitchen Design is the planning, a visit to your local kitchen showroom will give you ideas on what is available either on display in the showroom or choose an ideal layout from a kitchen brochure.

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