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Home Improvements

Creating a luxury kitchen on a budget

Many people believe that creating a luxury kitchen is out of their budget, but it doesn’t need to be expensive; with the right planning and execution you too can create a luxury space that the whole family can enjoy while adding value to your home in the process.

Interior design trends that will be big this Spring

Advances in technology, innovation and interior designs toady mean that trends are rarely permanent. Something that was all the rage a couple of years ago it not likely to be on trend today, so when creating a space it is important that it is both comfortable and functional with a touch of originality.

Summer projects to spruce up your home

Summer is the best time of year to do those much needed DIY projects that seem to get left forever. The good weather and lighter night’s means that you have plenty of time to finish your projects and revitalise your home.

Simple ways to add value to your home

We all want to get the best price for our homes when it comes to selling them and there are some simple and easy ways that you can do this.

First impressions are what most people go on when they decide to view a house and as the potential buyers will be aware of the asking price, they do not want to be put off by a scruffy outside appearance. Ensure the garden is weeded and tidy, the fencing is okay and if the paintwork is poor, give it a new coat.

Do you really need to replace an old boiler?

Just because a boiler is old it does not necessarily need replacing. We are “bombarded” by government and industry telling us that we should all fit condensing boilers, why? Many older boilers are far superior to modern ones. They feature cast-iron heat exchangers, and few moving parts, the exception being the pump, but this is not always a feature of a boiler anyway and can be external to it. (more…)

Construction slows after bumper year

This is the third month that the construction industry has reported a slowdown in growth, but despite that, it has had a bumper year, the reason for this, the best year for builders since as far back as 1997, is that UK’s booming property market has at its heart house building, which is the strongest sector in the industry.

£5,600 government giveaway for home improvements

Another round of cash incentives for home owners to install new boilers, insulation, or double glazing, to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions has been announced. The Green Deal announced on Wednesday last week has made £30 million available, although a huge tranche of £24 million will be ring fenced for solid wall insulation, with home owners able to claim up to £4,000 each.

Some advice before you add a conservatory

A conservatory is a great way to add an extra room to your house and usually they can be constructed off site and them assembled far more quickly than a brick or stone and mortar room could possibly be.

Are printable flooring designs the future of interior design?

Technology is moving at break nose speed and now affects every part of our lives including our homes. Smart home accessories such as wireless entertainment systems and computer controlled heating systems are becoming really popular as people embrace this new technology, and UK Flooring Direct think that they have come up with the future of flooring – custom designed and printer flooring.

The garden office is a winner all round

By adding a home office in your garden, you will not only be relieved of the grind of the daily commute to your place of work, but you will be a winner by saving the cost of this as well as adding value to your home; making it much more attractive to buyers.

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