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Hot Tub Gazebos - perfect all year round!

For the height of luxury, one should look no further than a hot tub gazebo. Designed to look stylish at the bottom of a garden or even on a deck or terrace, the hot tub gazebo is the ideal place to relax and unwind after a long day at work.The hot tub gazebo comes in many sizes and styles, with the larger ones being able to house patio sets and small tables for relaxing and enjoying a drink either before or after a dip in the tub. Bamboo or wicker furniture really looks the part inside one of these gazebos and offers added comfort. These also give the illusion of an extra room onto the house and are ideal for those who wish to have a little space for themselves.Covering the hot tub with a gazebo also gives added privacy, especially if your home is overlooked by a neighbour. The gazebo also helps to keep debris, such as fallen leaves and other foliage, out of the hot tub. Usually wooden, the hot tub gazebo can be stained, painted or waxed to suit each individual, and can truly make a statement in a garden area. Allowing climbing plants such as roses to grow over the gazebo can also give it an additional feel of romantic privacy, like a hidden room within the garden.An asset for any outside space, the garden gazebo is not just for the elite, and come in all sizes to suit all garden areas. Many companies can even custom build to specific dimensions.

The Best Place for a Gazebo

The beauty of a gazebo is that it is often portable. It can be positioned in one area of the garden, but easily moved if need be. Of course, there are gazebos that can be firmly fixed into the ground, which are not so easy to move. If you are buying one of these, how do you know where it should be placed?It is all about personal preference. Garden gazebos look perfect both on decking or similar patio areas, and can be positioned for the perfect place to shade from the sun. For those sun worshippers, it can be placed in the ideal position to catch the sun. A gazebo on a deck can also double as a bar area for those who wish to entertain.Those with larger gardens may wish to consider positioning their gazebo at the bottom of the garden. When placed amongst foliage, a feel of a secret hideaway garden room is created; a romantic setting for both young and old alike. Having a gazebo in a garden is also the ideal place for children to play. In this case, positioning it closer to the house, so that it is under adult supervision at all times, is best. Enclosed gazebos can be used as extra rooms, and often these are used for offices. If this is the case then again, the best position would be closer to the house for easy connection to the mains electricity if needed.

Gazebo Deals

In the warmer months in the UK, gazebos produce a high number of sales for many high street and online retailers. When the spring and summer seasons arrive it is time to get outside and start having some fun. However, safety in the sun is very important and an outdoor gazebo can provide extra protection from harmful UV rays for all the family.  They are also a convenient place to take shelter if the weather turns rainy. Coming up to the spring season you will find exciting deals and savings on many different types of garden gazebos. These deals may also include everything you will need to maintain your outdoor gazebo properly.Always shop around for deals if you are looking to purchase an outdoor gazebo (whatever type you want to buy) as retailers will have different prices and savings.  Always check with online suppliers as you may find that you will get a better deal. There are also some very good deals available on gazebo extras, which will appeal to many users. Sometimes, the standard poles that come with a canopy gazebo can be a little delicate. A retailer may have special offers on stronger, more flexible poles, which will still fit through gazebo canopy layers and form a stronger structure. Gazebos are a great way to enhance enjoyment of a garden and are an ideal structure for outside entertaining during the spring and summer months. So shop around and look for good gazebo deals.

Maintaining Your Gazebo

Cleaning your garden gazebo is an important part of basic maintenance and will certainly lengthen its useful lifespan. How you maintain and clean your gazebo will depend on several factors: type, size, manufacturer and so on. It is important to always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning any part of your gazebo, but there are some very basic cleaning tips, which will keep a gazebo in perfect condition.  To start you should always wipe down the cover of the gazebo before storage; this can simply be done with a cloth and some lukewarm water. This will remove any debris and keep the canopy layer in good condition. Cleaning the poles, which form the main part of the structure is also important because it will stop them from becoming rusted and weakened.  Make sure that everything is thoroughly dry before storage. Unfortunately, not many people store a gazebo correctly. It must be kept in a dry place when it is not being used. This stops moisture from the air penetrating into the material causing damaged fibres and staining.  If the gazebo is not thoroughly dry when put away for the winter you might have problems with mould formation on the material.  This could be difficult to clean off when you get the gazebo out for the new season.  It is certainly worth taking some time and trouble to ensure that your gazebo is properly stored.

Gazebos – perfect for lazy summer days!

Whether you’re in need of a sheltered area for a social function, want to improve your garden by providing it with a useful focus, or need to knock something up in a hurry as economically as possible for a private party, a garden gazebo is the natural choice. The open tents familiar from garden fetes are just one form of gazebo available, as they come in all shapes, sizes, styles and materials you can imagine. Indeed, one of the gazebo’s biggest selling points is its flexibility.The average back garden can benefit enormously if it’s focused around a small, wrought-iron arbour incorporating a few seats or a bench. Alternatively, you might want to consider the luxury of a bespoke wooden gazebo, constructed from traditional timber, as a permanent fixture in your garden. A wood gazebo blends in organically with the trees and shrubs and makes an attractive alternative to a garden hut, a space to hang out during the mild weather.But for many people maybe strapped for cash in the current economic climate, a simple canopy gazebo is more than enough to provide focus, shelter and a great setting for social events. People prefer some form of covered space rather than an open garden when it comes to socialising, and a canopy gazebo provides just that. It can be easily set up before the event and packed safely away afterwards.A patio gazebo is a good choice for those wishing to add another space onto the back of the house that can be used during mild spells, and makes an economical alternative to an extension.

Fun with Gazebos

Garden gazebos have a long history, and have even been appreciated by sultans and Shahs in their time, but these days they still have their considerable uses for the average homeowner. Their function as ever, whether in palace grounds or a humble back garden, is to provide a social and aesthetic focus to an open space and protection from the sun or rain. The term gazebo covers many forms of the same essential structure: open-sided, roofed, and known variously as a pergola, summerhouse, bandstand, pavilion, belvedere… The list goes on, but we’re all familiar with them in one form or another.Well-heeled purists might prefer a hand-made-by-craftsmen, permanent structure, with thatched roof and using traditional coconut wood, as inspired by their African counterparts. Most folk, however, opt for one of the many economical but perfectly satisfactory versions available to suit their pockets and garden requirements.A small, wrought-iron arbour situated at the far end of the garden can transform it and provide a much-needed focus and talking point. A canopy gazebo can be easily and neatly stored and erected within minutes, and would suit the requirements of a summer party where the house is too small and the garden needs its own centre of gravity rather than being simply an overspill area.Hot tub gazebos can be great for more intimate occasions, when you’re looking for something a bit different from the TV and sofa, and patio gazebos are an economical alternative to house extensions in a troubled economic climate.

What are Gazebos Made of?

Gazebos run the gambit from the prestigious red cedar ones to the simplest of canvas. The material you choose for your gazebo is important for its longevity and durability.Red Cedar is expensive but maintenance costs are low because red cedar naturally resists damage and decay because of weather and insects. Grade One Western red cedar is preferred above all others.Southern Yellow Pine is the next choice in gazebo materials. This pine creates a wooden gazebo of superior strength and resistance to environmental changes. This wood is pressure treated and kiln dried twice to avoid cracks and shrinkage of the garden gazebo. The cost of Southern Yellow Pine is about 10 percent less than the Western Red Cedar.For people on a budget, vinyl is a very good choice of material. It is designed to mimic the wood appearance of the more expensive gazebos. Because it is made in the factory, there is no painting, staining or sealing that needs to be done. A vinyl gazebo can withstand severe weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow or the beating of a hot sun. The vinyl garden gazebo is durable and still looks beautiful. The roofing materials chosen for an outdoor gazebo is one of the most important elements to consider.  Most gazebos have a layered Japanese or slate shingled roof. The most economical is the asphalt shingles because they are easy to manufacture, readily available and prepared in a rainbow of colours, but thatched gazebo roofs are also popular due to their ease of construction and waterproof properties. Most hardware stores carry asphalt shingles so repairs are easily made. For a classy looking outdoor gazebo, you can use the cedar shingles at a higher cost or use copper for the roofing. Copper is an expensive option but it can make you the talk of the town.

World of Gazebos

If you’re looking for a way to increase the attractiveness and potential of your garden, but don’t want to spend too much money on expensive extensions or redesigns, why not consider a garden gazebo?These open-sided, covered structures are familiar to anyone who’s seen a bandstand, and they are available in all shapes and sizes, from economical canopy gazebos to more expensive but still cost effective patio gazebos, which effectively extend the house but at a fraction of the cost of a proper extension.Gazebos of course come into their own during the summer months, when you may be organising drinks or barbecues but don’t want to have everyone stuck indoors or lolling about aimlessly in the garden. Collect them out there in a gazebo and you’re practically guaranteed a great afternoon, as a garden gazebo without a few decibels of laughter and shouting is like an omelette without the eggs, a contradiction in terms.For the kids in the long summer holidays you could set up a cheap canopy gazebo to protect them from too much sun and provide a focus for fun and games, or a hot tub gazebo incorporating a covered pool if you want a really fun day.But apart from entertainment and protection from the weather, good or bad, a garden gazebo can simply provide a natural and attractive focus for the garden. A wrought-iron gazebo positioned at the end of a short pathway can round the garden off as well as being a pleasant arbour to sit and relax in.

Garden Gazebos - enjoy your garden this summer

Gazebos have a rich and colourful history stretching back through the millennia, and were particularly prevalent in the Islamic Eastern Mediterranean civilisations of Anatolia and Iran, which placed so much aesthetic emphasis on gardens as earthly, albeit jaded, intimations of Paradise.A gazebo is essentially any open-sided structure, freestanding or abutting a wall, and roofed. It can serve as a shelter from the sun or rain in a public space or private garden, and Turkish Sultans, Persian Shah’s and Jane Austen heroines have alike found them places of repose and reflection.The most familiar form of outdoor gazebo in England is the bandstand, a feature of most public parks, although the term covers a multitude of structures, with kiosks, belvederes, pergolas and rotundas all being examples of the gazebo. They are often referred to as summerhouses or pavilions. The term gazebo was first used by two British architects in 1750 to describe a Chinese viewing tower.These days, anyone can install a gazebo in their garden, and they make a great place to laze away the sunny summer weekends with friends, providing shade from the sun on those rare occasions in Britain when it becomes intolerable, and more often shelter from the rain. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be folded away when not in use, although many prefer a permanent wrought-iron, ornate structure that gives a focal point to the garden.Whatever your predilection, a gazebo can make a great addition to your garden.

The Benefits of Gazebos

Gazebos have a number of benefits that make them a popular addition to many home gardens throughout the year. Whether you prefer a wooden gazebo or a less permanent one, a gazebo can add that extra something special to an otherwise boring outdoor area. Gazebos will usually last for a long time when maintained and cared for properly. Any good gazebo kit will come with different parts that are resistant to a wide range of varying weather conditions. This will mean that a gazebo can be used through any weather to allow you to enjoy a spring or summer period, even if it is the wettest or hottest on record.What has made gazebos so popular is that they are fairly simple to erect and install in the garden. Virtually anyone can click together a few poles and thread some material to complete the job in minutes. These same parts can easily be taken down and stored to ensure that putting away the gazebo after a long day is just as easy as setting up.Another useful benefit of gazebos is the wide range of selection that is on offer to customers. Materials, shapes and sizes do not restrict gazebo designs; there is something for everyone. They also allow you to give an area a personal touch if you are having friends and family over for a summer occasion.A garden gazebo can transform your garden from bland to brilliant in a very short space of time.

Garden Gazebos – adding a focal point to your garden

A garden gazebo can be a fantastic feature for any garden. Gazebos are used as a quick and easy way to keep people dry and warm in the face of our varying outdoor weather.  They also of course provide an ideal outside covered space for entertaining.Garden gazebos are popular for their ease of use and how simple they are to erect. A gazebo purchase will not mean breaking the bank as many popular models are made of a simple support structure and inexpensive materials. However, higher quality gazebos will of course cost more, but they will last a lot longer and be a more permanent fixture in the garden. The most common use for a garden gazebo, of any type, is to have somewhere to relax and be protected from the elements, be it rain or very hot sun.  Another popular use is to place one over a barbeque area during the summer. There are many good reasons you should consider purchasing a garden gazebo. Gazebos have become much more popular over the last decade as a way of ensuring that any outdoor activity can be enjoyed whatever the weather.  The only real enemy of a gazebo is a very high wind, which can be problematic for any light outdoor structure. Manufacturers produce a whole range of different sized gazebos and the materials used in construction vary in type and quality.  Have a good look around the various models before you make a purchase.

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