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Home gym – in the garden

With the UK’s inclement weather now well underway, it is not always tempting to pop off to the gym for that all-important training session. Consider installing a garden studio and fitting it out with all the kit required for a home-based workout.Raise that heartbeatWhether you are a rowing enthusiast, runner or circuit-training fan, contemplate the idea of training in the privacy of your own home in a purpose-built gymnasium.  Suburban homes are generally a tad small to accommodate all the paraphernalia required to kit out a quality exercise space, however, Oeco have a solution to this particular dilemma.All the bells and whistlesDiscover how these contemporary structures can be custom-built in the garden by viewing the design specifications online at Oeco (  Begin by compiling a list of the equipment required for a good work-out and work with the team to compose a drawing that would comfortably house everything.  A shower and toilet may be an optional extra and could add a sense of completeness to the master plan.

Garden rooms for kids

Many parents will know that young children love the allure of playing in tents, tree houses and Wendy houses. Some parents also yearn for a separate playroom to contain the mountain of children’s toys that accumulate. A quiet room is also a handy place for a child’s education as somewhere for young ones to read and complete homework.Listen in A sensible and environmentally friendly, as well as budget friendly option is to have an Oeco garden room installed. The professional and speedy construction of these heated structures can be adjusted to accommodate any garden space and usually does not require planning permission. Monitors can be placed inside the garden retreat in order to keep tabs on the proceedings at the bottom of the garden.The interior could be described as luxurious and garden room specialists Oeco work with only the highest possible standards. All structures installed come with a 10 year guarantee, further cementing the confidence that Oeco garden rooms have in their environmentally friendly wooden garden buildings. The satisfaction of the parents that opt for a garden room for their kids is well documented, but the satisfaction of the children goes without saying.

Oeco Garden Rooms - a great hideaway in your garden

Garden rooms from Oeco are the epitome of contemporary style and the designs’ clean lines fit in perfectly with any style of landscape.  Innovative garden rooms can be used for a variety of purposes and are a less expensive alternative to building a home extension.  In the main, garden rooms require no planning permission and can be erected professionally and safely within the bounds of your property without fuss.Modern style garden rooms from Oeco come with all the amenities you would expect to find in a home, are energy efficient and temperature controlled for year-round usage.  Whether you want an office, a studio, a playroom or a hobby room a beautifully constructed garden room will fit the bill.The timber clad finishing not only offers a beautiful and robust finish but also serves as additional protection against the elements and the ‘breathable’ construction of these garden rooms keep interior condensation away.Garden rooms can be fully customised and come in a range of finishes, with quality foundations and are built to last.  Oeco garden rooms are manufactured with a ten year guarantee to ensure customer peace of mind.

Reasons to invest in a garden room

If you are running out of space in your home, but do not wish to endure the expense and upheaval of moving to a larger dwelling, perhaps you should consider a garden room. A garden room is a self-contained building that can be quickly and easily constructed and installed in your garden by qualified professionals, providing you with a spacious annexe to your house.Different people use garden rooms for different purposes. Maybe you are going to start working from home? Garden rooms can become inspiring places to spend the working day, and yet you are only a short stroll from home and family. Join the growing band of converts to homeworking. Discover a new life/work balance and say goodbye to commuting.Other popular uses for garden rooms are extra dining space, games rooms, gym, music rooms, artist garden studios, treatment rooms or just chill-out spaces to relax in a green and pleasant environment.One of the attractions of a garden room is that most can be built without the need for planning permission. Some restrictions exist regarding boundaries and conservation areas, but these are subjects your suppliers will have experience of and be able to advise upon.You will love your new garden room so much, so make sure you can use it all year round. By ensuring adequate insulation, double-glazed windows and suitable heating, your garden room will be welcoming throughout the seasons.Garden room suppliers generally offer a comprehensive service that includes building installation, including electric and data point packages and assistance with planning issues where necessary. Most companies have a selection of ‘off-the-peg’ models that cover many customers’ requirements and tend to be the more cost effective option. However, if your requirements are very specific, many companies will work with you on a bespoke design that suits your needs.

Having a Garden Room Installed

Having a garden room constructed, is relatively simple compared to having an extension built; yet it still provides you with a warm, comfortable room which gives you extra space in your home. It can be used for a variety of different things, ranging from a garden office, to providing an extra leisure room for your home.Once you have chosen the size and style you want, the company you have chosen to buy your garden room from will begin to construct your chosen design. This process starts with the base installation of the foundations for the building. A firm foundation will ensure that your garden room is sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions. The garden room will then be built, and wall insulation installed, along with damp proof, windows and doors. Any electrics, or any other utility installations such as a bathroom or kitchen, will also be installed/fitted and the room will be decorated to a high standard, leaving you with a finished result which will meet all the requests you stipulated when buying the product.One popular installation is a cable from your home broadband modem that will give you Internet access in your garden room. This is especially useful, perhaps even essential, when these garden rooms are to be used as garden offices, as this provides networking capability for the self-employed. Your garden room can be finished in whatever paint finish you require; you will find that most companies, if not all, will offer you a variety of finishes to choose from. They will be durable and will give your garden room extra protection from the elements.Finally, garden rooms come with a number of years’ guarantee.  How many years you get depends on the company you buy from, but you may be sure that you will have a finished product that provides both security and quality.

Building a great Garden Gazebo

Traditionally, gazebos have evolved from ancient stone structures to a hexagonal or octagonal wooden design. However, there are many different shapes and materials available to give you the right outdoor gazebo for your needs.Wooden gazebos are a popular choice due to their durability; unlike some metal or canopy gazebos, a wooden gazebo will make a permanent addition to your garden. If you decide to build a wood gazebo, make sure that you choose the right materials for the job – a hardwearing wood such as cedar is perfect for parts of the structure that will be exposed to the elements, while softer woods such as pine should be kept for interior beams and not exposed to harsh weather. This material allows you to make dramatic design statements – choose a Chinese or Persian inspired multi-tiered pagoda design for real wow-factor, or carve unique designs into the pillars of your project.Of course, the downside to choosing a wooden gazebo is the cost and time involved. For a more portable option that will take less time to construct and be more cost effective, you may wish to choose a metal framed or canopy gazebo. Available in a range of materials, from cast iron to steel frames, with the option to choose floral or nature inspired metalwork designs, you can still achieve elegance without spending a huge amount of time on construction.

A Room with a View - Garden Gazebos

How to make the most of your Gazebo with our decorating tipsA patio Gazebo makes a great feature for any home. On the other hand, with the popularity of gazebos on the rise, it may be the ideal time to make sure that your outdoor space stands out from the crowd. To make your gazebo truly unique, here are our decorating tips for an individual, welcoming garden gazebo.Invite the Garden into your GazeboAn outdoor gazebo may be the perfect place from which to appreciate your garden, but it can also be an ideal space to cultivate plants that you haven’t had room for elsewhere. Make a talking point of your pergola by introducing climbing plants such as Clematis, Honeysuckle or Jasmine. Similarly, do something different with hanging plants in a gazebo by growing tomatoes or peppers from a hanging basket.Wildlife can also benefit from your gazebo, with the right encouragement. Add a birdfeeder to the frame of your garden gazebo to encourage birdsong in your outside space, or place a birdbath nearby for uninterrupted views of nature. A water fountain or pond is also one of the best ways to encourage life into your garden, as well as providing a pretty feature for you to enjoy.Let a little light inDon’t let the approach of evening drive you from your garden – with candles, outdoor lighting and even solar powered lamps, you can create a warm atmosphere from which to watch the sun go down. Why not try lighting Chinese Candle Lanterns and watching them drift skywards from your Eastern-inspired patio Pagoda?

Gazebo Storage

Proper gazebo storage is something that a lot of owners overlook. A badly stored gazebo can become damaged quickly, which results in much wasted time and money.It is important that if you do not have a permanent gazebo you should tidy and store all of the necessary parts correctly. This will make the job of finding and re-installing them a lot simpler and a lot less of a chore. Never throw away the original packaging that a standard gazebo comes in. The parts can easily be folded or taken apart and fitted back into the packaging that they arrived in. This will save you a lot of space as opposed to throwing everything into a cardboard box that the gazebo doesn’t fit into properly. Gazebos will often be left unused for long periods of time, particularly during the winter months, and you need to store them in a safe and dry place. Storing the parts in a damp, unused garage will often cause the parts to deteriorate, stain and maybe rust. Never force the gazebo parts into a box if they do not fit correctly – it is always best to have a bigger box that the parts fit into nicely than have a box that’s too small; this can lead to a support pole being snapped or a small tear appearing in the canopy cover. The last thing to remember is to simply use some common sense. Think about where you are storing your gazebo and how you are preparing it for storage. These decisions could make a big difference by the time you come to use it again.

A Gazebo as a Play Area

Even if your gazebo is not a permanent structure it can provide the ideal play area for children.  Using a gazebo as a play area has a number of benefits; for example, it will encourage the children to be out in the fresh air rather than in the house watching television. They will, therefore, be able to play more active games, rather than the sedentary activity of using games consoles that they may play indoors.It also means that children can play outdoors even if the weather is poor. This is perfect if the space indoors is limited, and also stops them from becoming bored while they are waiting for the sun to shine. On very hot days, it will also provide the shade they need to avoid heat stroke and sunburn. However, an enclosed space may prove to be too warm on very hot days. Children playing indoors can often be noisy and disruptive, particularly if parents are working at home or carrying out chores.  Encouraging them to play in the garden will ensure a more peaceful, restful household.If the garden gazebo is being used as a play area furniture is not needed, as children are more than happy with cushions and beanbags. A small table can be added if the children want to eat in the gazebo. If the gazebo is enclosed then it will discourage insects, and allow items such as cushions and toys to be safely left inside overnight.

Transforming your Garden with a Wood Gazebo

Now that the teenagers have taken over the den, you need an extra entertainment area, where you and your friends can have a dinner together; a place where you can kick back, relax, chat, and have sundowners in the evening.  You need an adult place where you can express your individual style and be snug in winter and cool in summer, and a place that can expand on lovely summer days, and then hug up close in winter.You’ve thought about renovating the house, bashing out walls, but you know that you can’t take the chaos. So you’ve taken to looking at other properties, but nothing quite offers what you have already in the home you love. If only you had another room to use for entertaining.On those cold winter nights your outdoor patio doesn’t get used much – but wait, what if you transformed the space by adding a wooden gazebo with a dining area, and perhaps a seating area with a small bar? And your dream, a luxurious wooden hot tub.This could be a sanctuary where you can escape to read a book with a glass of wine. You can fill it with palms and plantation style wicker couches with comfort in mind.  You can picture the fresh, breezy, cotton chintz fabrics for the canopy. A gas heater would add warmth.Now it’s a visual asset to your home and adds a touch of class and style.  All lit up at night, with the lamps and candles glowing, the wood gazebo has completely transformed your home.

The Advantages of a Wooden Garden Gazebo

Adding a wooden gazebo can really enhance the use and fun you get out of your garden.What are the advantages of a wooden gazebo, and what accessories can you include?* A wooden gazebo provides you with an extra outdoor room, adding value to your property. * A wooden gazebo can be used all year round, right through from winter to spring and summer.* A gazebo can include a relaxing wood-surround hot tub for those chilly evenings.* Gazebos come in all shapes, sizes and colours, including either a tiled roof or a sturdy canvas canopy.* It is now a breeze to arrange a romantic evening for two with champagne in the hot tub in your cosy gazebo.* A wooden gazebo can be designed with any furniture and dining configuration you prefer.* Gazebos can house a state-of-the-art barbeque for entertaining stylishly on those summer days with friends.* A gas heater can be included to get year round use.* Gazebos don’t require planning permission if they are freestanding in your garden.* A gazebo made from wood in the style you choose can be installed on an existing patio.These are just some of the wonderful advantages to having a garden gazebo that can be a visual asset to your home while increasing its value. You will find endless uses for the garden gazebo, and enjoy dining outdoors more.

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