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Block Paving

Stihl TS400 14″ Portable 2 stroke Petrol Cutter

The Stihl TS400 14″ Portable Petrol saw is an indispensable tool for the rapid cutting of all block paving gardening or landscaping products, with a cutting wheel diameter of 14″/35cm it will cut through steel, concrete or rock to a maximum cutting depth of 100mm. The Stihl TS400 is compact and lightweight at only 8.9kg making it suitable for all civil engineering, building or road construction and even the emergency rescue services.

Stihl TS760 Disc Cutting Saw

For the ultimate in a cutting saw when laying block paving, there is no better manufacturer than Stihl for making power tools that are not only of great build quality but easy to use and handle too. This Stihl TS760 has the same size cutting blade as the Partner K700 at 14″, with the same cutting depth of 125mm, but has a 6.5hp petrol engine.

Partner K700 Active III 350mm Saw

When laying block paving, it makes the job all the easier if you have a good disc cutting saw. For the best performance and power get one with a 2 stroke engine. The Partner K700 Active III is a good choice and retailing out at around £500, for a builder is a worthwhile investment. If you are going to lay your block paving yourself we would recommend hiring one.

Installing a block paved manhole cover

Hot dipped galvanised recessed manhole covers can be used to hide existing manholes, block paving is fitted inside to continue the pattern of the surrounding paving.

The cover is bedded into place using a 3:1 mixture of sand and cement making sure its at the correct height and fall, this can be acheved by using a tight string line from one side of the drive to the other and adjust the height to suite, haunch both the inside and outside of the manhole to hold it in place

Step by step guide on how to lay block paving

Compacting the hardcore Once you have removed the existing drive patio or path and excavated to a minimum depth of 200mm (100mm hardcore, 50mm sand, 50 mm block) your hardcore needs to be compacted to give a stable sub base for your new block paving

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