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Shower Enclosures

Designing your new shower room

To add the ‘wow’ factor to your home, consider adding a shower room to an existing bedroom or simply converting a cupboard or alcove into a shower cubicle for maximum impact but minimal effort.  Choosing materials for your floor, walls and shower enclosure is crucial for the overall effect.  The design of such a room can range from opulent, with mosaic tiles for a glittering and rich finish, to sleek and pared down, with all-white tiles and bold chrome fittings.  A walk-in shower means you don’t need to waste money on contemporary shower enclosures or curtains, but can concentrate instead on glamorous accessories such as mirrors, shower heads and taps to give your room that luxury feel.  Alternatively, for an ultra-modern finish, try experimenting with clear glass panels instead of a plastic shower enclosure, but ensure that they are fully bonded with silicone to guarantee no leaks.  If you are lucky enough to have the space to encompass it within your home, an open shower could be the ultimate room for all your hygiene and wellbeing needs.  A ‘rain’ shower head enables you to experience the sensation of a fresh shower of soft rainwater at the touch of a button, thanks to its many tiny outlets that allow you to create a cloudburst effect.  Some models include settings which allow you to change the lighting or even scent of your shower for the ultimate in personal pampering.

Shower Cubicle Cleaning Tips

A shower enclosure is a beautiful, modern thing, but hard water damage and alkaline deposits can stain those perfect glass walls over time.  Discoloured shower walls, tiles, and flooring need not be a new feature in your state-of-the-art shower cubicle. A few handy cleaning tips can make a big difference.To get rid of those alkaline spots for good, use car wax on the walls and doors.  Fiberglas and glass are porous materials, so car wax works to seal off these tiny pores and keep mineral deposits out.  Water spots are a thing of the past and cleaning is easier.  Reapply the car wax twice a year to keep your shower walls in good shape.  A quick squeegee after every use of the shower can also go a long way.  Doing so will easily whisk away soap scum and water residue that can lead to mould.  To reduce the amount of soap scum you’re fighting in your shower, switch from bar soap to liquids.  To fight mould, also be sure to leave the shower door cracked open because the air flow will restrict mildew’s growth.Use an orange-based cleaner in your shower every week, allowing it to sit ten minutes to dissolve dirt before rinsing it away.  You’ll save a lot of time and effort by using a product that eats right through the grime.  Keeping up with a weekly cleaning also minimizes the amount of work you’ll have to do at each cleaning!

Choosing a Shower Door

Modern shower doors can be a marvel in technology and engineering. Gone are the old doors that are crusted up with lime deposits and soap filmed surfaces. Choose a barrier free trackless shower door to eliminate little tracks that have to be cleaned out. This type of shower door is excellent for those with limited mobility, since there is no track to impede accessibility.  If you are crunched for space, try a neo angle shower door for a corner shower stall. For the larger bathroom, new frameless, folding shower doors add a sense of space and luxury to the bathroom. The beauty of shower doors is they can be cut to fit any custom shower installation. Shower doors are generally made from tempered glass that is pre-treated to prevent the build-up of hard water spots and soap scum. Shower doors, like many shower accessories today, come in several different designs and styles. Clear glass doors offer a sense of space to smaller rooms, while designer shower doors offer elegance or a clear vision of your style. Shower doors can come moulded or etched with design. For maximum privacy, one can choose an opaque glass shower door or a coloured plastic folding shower door.  Whatever your design aesthetic is in the bathroom, the shower door is a focal point that should enhance and expand upon your style in the bathroom. Because of their huge selection and wide variety, shower door manufacturers are keen to assist their customers in making exactly the right choice.

Why Use a Showerhead Filter?

A showerhead filter works to purify your shower water before it makes contact with your skin.  But if water is already treated, why do you need a showerhead filter in your bathroom?  The answer is simple: harmful chemicals such as chlorine may be added to the water during the purification process.  These substances can be harmful to you and your shower.Chlorine is the major reason that installing a showerhead filter is a smart idea.  This helpful shower accessory is an easy do-it-yourself project that can reap tremendous benefits.  For example, chlorine strips natural oils from your hair and skin, leading to itchy and flaky skin and dried-out hair.  Hair colour, natural or treated, can also be dulled by repeated exposure to chlorine.  Further, your eyes get dried out and you might experience breathing problems as chlorine is absorbed through the pores.In fact, as you shower, your skin pores widen and allow easier absorption of chlorine.  More chlorine is absorbed from showering and bathing than by drinking tap water, so adding a filter can greatly reduce your family’s exposure.Finally, water containing chlorine can corrode your shower tiles and grout faster, leading to quicker replacement concerns.  If your shower cubicle or tub is damaged, you could spend lots of extra money to repair it.  Adding an inexpensive filter could save your health and your wallet in the long run.

Why Get a Shower Enclosure?

There are many reasons that one might choose to trade in their traditional shower and bath unit for a standing shower enclosure. Safety, space, and aesthetics are among the wide array of benefits such a renovation has to offer.First of all, the safety of a shower cubicle is much greater than that of a curved, porcelain bath.  Those who are at risk for slipping and sliding across a traditional tub can lay their fears to rest with a more modern standing shower.  The shower tray keeps all of the water safely inside the shower stall, while waterproof walls and doors prevents over-splash.  Inside the shower, you can customize the flooring surface for a safer, slip-free alternative.  Also, shower accessories like seats or grip bars make showering safer.From a space perspective, a standing shower enclosure can turn a corner of your bathroom into a fully equipped shower.  Because the enclosure takes up more vertical space, less room is needed around the actual shower unit.  Bi-fold shower doors and angled units can squeeze a shower enclosure into the tightest spaces.  As long as there is access to proper plumbing, a standing shower cubicle fits just about anywhere in the home.Finally, showers offer a modern aesthetic that surpasses the traditional bathtub and shower curtain.  With units available in all shapes, sizes, and materials, you can customize the perfect look for your modern bathroom.  Style and functionality unite in this unique bathroom fixture.

Accessorising a wet room

When choosing which accessories will best suit a home’s wet room, certain points must be taken into consideration. The space available in the room is obviously most important, there is no point in buying several bathroom cabinets if only one will fit comfortably in the space. When floor space is at a premium, then wall cupboards are one solution. A bathroom cabinet that fits into a corner is an excellent use of space, and is extremely practical. If there is to be no enclosure, such as shower curtain or shower door, then everything in the room will be damp to the touch after use. Therefore wooden or wicker items will eventually rot away or go mouldy very quickly. It is wise to consider this fact when purchasing ‘fitted’ items such as a towel rail or a toilet roll holder set. Plastic items are cheaper and will last much longer that wooden or other porous materials, and chrome accessories give a very stylish look and are easy to clean.Shower accessories are an important consideration as shelves inside the shower area are not convenient for some people. It is possible to buy a pole that fits into the corner of the shower that has several small shelves on it. These fit flush to the wall and take up very little space, thereby not getting in the way of anyone trying to manoeuvre around the shower area. These are perfect for keeping shampoo, conditioner and soap within easy reach. A chrome wire version of this is ideal as any drops of water will drain away, making cleaning very easy.Bathmats in a wet room should be avoided where possible due to the damp. Duckboards are a much better and very stylish option.

The Proper Shower Tray Can Save Valuable Bathroom Space

If you are planning a bathroom remodelling project, choosing the right shower tray for your washroom will help maximise valuable floor space in your bathroom, and compliment your overall design.  Use the following guide to help you figure the appropriate shower tray for your bathroom.Rectangular shower trays are the largest and provide the most interior room, but they can take up lots of space in a small bathroom. Square shower trays are slightly more compact, but still provide plenty of room for a comfortable shower. Pentangle shower trays are comparable to square bases, but have a single corner cut off to decrease the floor space they occupy.  These are an excellent choice for corner shower enclosures.Synthetic materials like acrylic or fibreglass are the most affordable and easiest to care for options for shower trays. They are lightweight and relatively simple to install, though offer little in the way of aesthetic design. Natural materials like stone, ceramic, tiles, or glass are more stylish choices.  While using natural materials can really boost your bathroom’s style factor, they are typically more expensive and harder to maintain.Deep shower trays can double as bathtubs, which further increases functionality in small bathrooms. Both natural and synthetic materials come in an endless array of colours to compliment any decor.Most importantly, take time to fully plan your new bathroom, and make allowances for the look you want, and the space you have to work with.

Update Shower Accessories for a Spa-Like Bathroom Retreat

In these hectic times, who wouldn’t love a peaceful, restful haven to retire to at the end of a long day?  With a few simple, inexpensive upgrades you can transform your ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa-like retreat in just a few hours.Start with organisation; repurpose bathroom storage or shelving units to hold pampering essentials like bath salts, candles, cushions, and towels.  If possible, place items within easy reach of your bath or shower.Invest in plush towels.  Even one or two luxury hotel-grade towels, reserved for special occasions, can give a common bath a more sumptuous feel.  Replace shower heads.  With a wide range of styles and functions to choose from, a high-end shower head can transport you away from the chaos of everyday life in an instant.  Waterfall shower heads, body jets, massaging shower attachments, and multi-head shower systems can help melt away stress.Improve function with convenient dispensers, shower organisers, and bathroom mirrors.  Wall-mounted soap dispensers and fog-proof bathroom mirrors make it easy to take care of business while enjoying a long shower or soak.  Organisers will put sponges, soaps, loofahs, shampoo, conditioner, and more at your fingertips.   Enhance the after-shower experience with bathroom furniture.  If your bathroom floor space allows, introduce a free-standing vanity, foot rest, or stool to increase your comfort while dressing or applying moisturisers and cosmetics.These simple touches make it easy to add comfort to your home and pamper yourself.

Choosing a new Shower Tray

The shower tray is probably the one area of the whole showering experience that people do not think about. We open the door, we turn the taps on, we adjust the water temperature and pressure and then we shower. We never give a thought to what we are standing on.At one time the shower tray was really bulky and noticeable, and you probably had to step over a lip to get in to shower. Not any more, since shower trays are becoming more slim line and more minimalistic, to bring a touch of class into your bathroom, giving it a designer feel.Coming in all shapes and sizes, to suit even the smallest of spaces, your shower tray could easily fit into a recessed area of the bathroom making it an excellent space saving feature. Sizes can range from 610mm x 610 mm up to 1700 mm x 800 mm, but this is likely to vary depending on the manufacturer. With such a large range of sizes there is bound to be something to suit everybody.Shape is another factor; regular square trays are now being replaced by the more popular rectangular, quadrant and even offset quadrant. The quadrant has a right angled side to fit into the corner of the room, and a rounded outer edge for a modern feel that makes the shower space seem larger. The offset quadrant is more elongated for slightly larger spaces.Designer shower trays also come in a range of colours that will complement any décor and give the added finishing touch to the new bathroom.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Steam Shower

There are few things more relaxing than a steam followed by a shower. People around the world pay good money to visit spas and experience the effects a steam shower can have on the skin. Why then wouldn’t everyone want to have one of these wonderful inventions at home?When deciding which steam shower to install, consider the following shower accessories and features that are available, and then pick the steam shower that fits your bill. They cost a pretty penny, so you should get exactly what you want.Essence dispenser - Luxury spas often scent their steam rooms with fragrances such as mint, eucalyptus or lavender. With this feature, you can choose to have your steam shower dispense the scent that relaxes you the most.Ergonomic seat - All steam showers come with seats, but some come with seats that will keep you comfortable while you steam. Look for steam showers with seats that fold away when not in use.Adjustable handset shower head - It’s nice to have this option, to accommodate steam shower users of varying heights. Most steam showers also come with a rain shower in the roof.Vertical hydro-massage jets - Aim these at your back after a steam and continue the relaxation.Toiletry shelves - It’s important to have a place to put your essential oils and lotions.Tempered safety glass - You never know when an accident might happen, and you don’t want to be picking non-safety glass out of your body.

How to choose the right shower tray

One sentence you will see from time to time while shopping for enclosures is, “Shower tray not included.” That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as shower trays come in different materials and styles, and you will want to pick the right one for you and your shower.First, choose your shower tray material. Shower trays come in ceramic, resin-stone and acrylic. Ceramic offers a high quality, but may be overkill for a home shower; ceramic shower trays are most often used in heavy-use, commercial settings. The less-expensive resin-stone is the more common shower tray for the home, and is a solid pick. The acrylic shower tray costs the least, and is the lightest in feel and warmest to the touch. You’ll appreciate that on cold, winter days.As far as the shape goes, you are limited to the shape of the shower you have chosen. You do need to decide between flat-top and up-stand shower trays, though. A flat-top can be prone to leaking where the door or panel meets the shower tray. Even if the shower enclosure is sealed with silicone, over time you may see leaking. The up-stand shower tray offers a more permanent fit, but some consumers complain that they are hard to keep clean. One thing to remember when purchasing a shower tray: Just as the shower enclosure doesn’t come with the shower tray, the shower tray doesn’t come with the shower tray waste cap. That will be yet another separate purchase.

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