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Garden Furniture

Looking After Exterior Metal Items

A number of metal items commonly found on the external surfaces of houses include such things as decorative lamps, brackets for hanging baskets, downpipes, and guttering, although on more modern houses, these are usually of the plastic variety.As a DIY homeowner, you can considerably improve the decorative finish on the exterior of a house by painting these smaller accessory items, which will also prolong their life.The main tools necessary include 15-75mm paintbrushes, a wire brush, proprietary metal paint (usually black), and a pair of protective gloves.The essential first step in painting metal fittings on external walls requires scrubbing them down thoroughly with a metal brush.  This is especially important with materials such as cast iron and any other ferrous metals, since brushing them will remove loose and flaky material, such as old paint, from the surface.  This in turn provides a clean base for the new paint.You can apply as many coats as you like, but one or two is normal.  It is important to use a proprietary metal finishing paint, rather than normal exterior paint, applying it directly to the bare and previously painted surface of the metal.You do not need to use a primer when painting metal, because the finishing paint will hold to the surface without any need of assistance.  This saves a lot of time, whilst still achieving a neat result.It is also important to thoroughly clean brushes afterward using a thinner-based solvent.

Giving Your Garden Furniture a New Lease of Life

Whilst having beautiful wooden garden furniture to relax on throughout the year is a wonderful asset to any home, items can quickly become tired and worn.  Unlike household furniture, items left outside are left to face the elements, with wind, rain, sun, and frosts taking their toll on once lovely furniture.  However, you can easily breathe new life into your furniture by simply taking the time to sand down those rough edges and add a lick of paint, and you will have stunning fresh pieces in no time.When treating wooden furniture, your first step should be to remove all debris and dirt from items.  Sanding away all peeling paint or creosote fragments is also needed so that you can start with an entirely fresh canvas.  For all furniture, especially outside pieces, it is important to apply a coat of primer first to ensure that final paint takes and holds its colour well.  Depending on the length of time furniture has been outside it may need a couple of primer coats, so allow pieces to dry fully until you have a good overall first layer.There are a multitude of paints and colours available, specially made for outside furniture.  Take the time to think about colours.  If you are updating old furniture, why not make it more vibrant than before with a stunning shade?  Depending on your garden environment, you can tie in your furniture colour with the hues of flowers and foliage, making a stunning statement. Once you have decided on your colour, ensure that your primer coats are dry before painting.  You may need a couple of coats to ensure that the colour shines through, but by taking the time to breathe new life into outside furniture, you can give your entire garden a makeover.

Why choose a Garden Room?

You may want extra space for a home office, children’s play room or even a gym, but planning permission can take a long time and might not go through; that is why many people are having extra rooms built in their gardens called garden rooms. A garden room can provide much needed extra space which is away from the hustle and bustle of the main house and are ideal for home offices, a workshop or general leisure room and provide all the comforts of the main house. Garden rooms often include electrical outlets, heating and lighting options as well as exterior timber cladding to fit into the style of any garden.As well as the cost benefits of installing a garden room over a traditional extension or loft conversion they can be installed in a matter of days with minimum disruption to the main house, and as long as they are not used for an extra bedroom no planning permission is required.There are many window and door options available when choosing your garden room and the exterior can be painted or stained to match the existing style of you garden or house. A quality built garden room will also add value to your home if you come to sell it.

World of Gazebos

If you’re looking for a way to increase the attractiveness and potential of your garden, but don’t want to spend too much money on expensive extensions or redesigns, why not consider a garden gazebo?These open-sided, covered structures are familiar to anyone who’s seen a bandstand, and they are available in all shapes and sizes, from economical canopy gazebos to more expensive but still cost effective patio gazebos, which effectively extend the house but at a fraction of the cost of a proper extension.Gazebos of course come into their own during the summer months, when you may be organising drinks or barbecues but don’t want to have everyone stuck indoors or lolling about aimlessly in the garden. Collect them out there in a gazebo and you’re practically guaranteed a great afternoon, as a garden gazebo without a few decibels of laughter and shouting is like an omelette without the eggs, a contradiction in terms.For the kids in the long summer holidays you could set up a cheap canopy gazebo to protect them from too much sun and provide a focus for fun and games, or a hot tub gazebo incorporating a covered pool if you want a really fun day.But apart from entertainment and protection from the weather, good or bad, a garden gazebo can simply provide a natural and attractive focus for the garden. A wrought-iron gazebo positioned at the end of a short pathway can round the garden off as well as being a pleasant arbour to sit and relax in.

Experience the delights of a Hot Tub Gazebo

Indulging in a cosy hot tub gazebo is absolutely one of the best ways to relax after a stressful day at work. It surely is one of the most pleasurable ways of fine living.

These hot tub gazebos are usually found in beach resorts or fine hotels, but the calm and serene countryside feeling they provoke can quite easily be experienced in the comfort of one’s home.

Wooden gazebos – ideal for any garden

In every garden, there should always be a place where people can relax and enjoy the surroundings. A gazebo can be where couples talk about their day or perhaps where the children play and hang out.

Restoring your tired looking furniture

There are several methods you can employ to improve your household furniture, both indoor and outdoor. To clean patio furniture, all you need is a plastic scrubber or steel wool and simple household detergent. Simply wash the items using a gentle scrubbing motion and remember to dry off the furniture when you’ve finished. To clean white plastic tables and chairs, use warm water and detergent as well as a sponge with a slightly abrasive scrubber on the back.If you want to improve the look of your indoor wooden furniture, you can use a simple whitewashing technique, which brightens the wood without masking the natural grain. Of course, whitewashing methods differ depending on the type of wood, but for pine it is eminently suitable to use a water-based stain that dries quickly without producing too many fumes. Regarding furniture restoration, there are some simple methods that will allow you to brighten the look of your furniture, removing water stains, cat-scratch marks, and knocks. To improve water marks and scratches, you can wipe on mayonnaise. The oil will help lift the stain and restore its former look. Lemon oil is equally as good, but if neither helps, you can refinish the wood if possible. Wooden furniture that has been nicked and knocked may require you to cut a piece of veneer and attach it, using quality wood glue. Finally, if you decide to rejuvenate your furniture through simply painting it, make sure to clean and prime the surface properly first. A fresh coat of paint will allow any furniture, no matter how old, to be restored to its former glory.

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