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Choosing the right blinds for you rooms

There is a great range of choice for you to ponder when trying to decide which blinds to buy for your home. However, don’t just consider the decorative effects, because several functional factors also need to be taken into account.Privacy is important to most people, and so with this in mind,  you might want to consider using blinds in the bedroom that are made from more opaque materials than those used throughout the rest of the house. Thin cotton roller blinds may be fine for a kitchen but the bedroom will probably need wooden slats or something similar.When choosing blinds, you need to take into account the orientation of your home and its constituent rooms. The directions the windows face will influence your choice of blind. Glare, for example will be an important factor for windows that have an east-west orientation. The ‘openness factor’ indicated on the blind package is a measure of its resistance to light penetration, with a higher figure denoting more penetration and a lower one, less. The openness factor for east-west facing window blinds should usually be under five per cent to reduce the glare, and above five for windows oriented north-south. There are variations in the factor that can be selected for windows set at various angles.The types of windows you have will often limit your choice of blinds, as for instance an inward-opening and often used window will not be suitable for a Venetian blindAlso consider your budget, as some types of blind can be much more expensive than curtains.

Searching for Blinds in the UK

Often the last thing people think of in connection with home décor is window treatments, yet the right window treatment can make the difference between a comfortable room you will love spending time in and a room that seems stifling, too bright, too dark or just plain unattractive.  If you are looking for a practical, attractive solution, you really cannot go wrong with a customized set of blinds.  At Blinds UK there is a wide selection to choose from: fabrics, colours and materials of all kinds are available, making blinds an ideal solution for everyone. When choosing blinds, you should consider your family’s needs, the size of your windows, and your budget, and consider options that are a good fit for all three.  For bathrooms, kitchens and other high-humidity areas, you will want to choose a moisture-resistant material like PVC, faux wood and bamboo for your blinds.  Older homes may have odd-sized windows, making customized blinds a particularly good option. Be sure to consider maintenance when choosing your blinds.  Ease of cleaning is as important as attractiveness.  A weekly dusting and once-a-year wash with a mild soap and warm water is sufficient to keep most blinds looking like new.Style is another consideration when choosing blinds.  At Blinds UK customers can choose from a good selection, including a set of Roman blinds, vertical blinds (best for sliding doors and large windows), roller blinds, even blinds that help block out light for nurseries and media rooms.  No matter what your family’s preference, there is sure to be a set of blinds that are perfect for you.

Window Blinds in the UK

Blinds are a stylish option no matter where you live in the UK.  Regardless of your preferences or tastes, you can match your home’s décor with a set of blinds.  Blinds come in a myriad of styles and colours, including bamboo blinds, roller blinds, venetian, roman and even wooden slatted blinds.  UK homes range from old constructions to very modern, and blinds can be purchased in both standard sizes or as made to measure blinds to fit any window size. Blinds are a practical option, allowing for good air circulation while ensuring privacy.  They can also enhance the look and atmosphere of your home.  Since blinds go well in any room, they can provide a coherent feeling to your home’s appearance.  From simple white to blaring red to muted earth tones, blinds come in every colour and shade.  For rooms that need darkening such as nurseries or media rooms, blackout blinds are a good option.  In kitchens and bathrooms, moisture resistant materials help stop mould or mildew from growing, promoting a healthier living environment. When measuring for blinds, UK customers should include the head rail and any accessories in their calculations.  A good fit ensures your blinds will last a long time and function properly, making them an attractive and practical addition to your home.For practicality and versatility, no type of window treatment can match blinds.  UK customers can add class and beauty to their homes with the use of blinds in every room.

Blinds – a great way to add style to your home

Window treatments not only protect the privacy of your home, they help create the ambiance and atmosphere of your home’s style and personality.  Blinds are one of the available options. Blinds come in an array of colours and styles to match any décor.  Modern blinds are not just PVC slats - cloth, bamboo and wood are just a few of the many materials now used for blinds.  Blackout blinds are available offering additional privacy and allowing you to control the light levels in a room.Blinds come in all sizes, from standard sizes to fit windows in recently built homes to custom sizes made to measure for older homes and unusual sized windows. Blinds are a practical alternative to window treatments, such as curtains, which need to be removed for shaking out dust and washing.  Wiping your blinds down weekly with a soft cloth will help keep them looking new and free from dust.  A vacuum with a brush attachment may also be used to remove any dust accumulation; making blinds a good alternative for allergy sufferers.Blinds can be used in any room in your home or office with a variety of specialist blinds available for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where humidity may make cloth window treatments impractical.  Blinds are a clean, practical option that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of healthy living promoted by good, clean air circulation in your home while offering you a variety of style and colour options sure to appeal to any taste or style.

Window Blinds for the Bathroom

Sheer, fluffy curtains or cloth window treatments are often the preferred window treatment but blinds can be a more practical and attractive option for the bathroom and other humid areas of your home. Bathroom blinds come in a variety of shades and options to match the décor of your home.  The colours and styles available are limited only by your imagination. Customers have many material options for their bathroom blinds.  While real wood may be less practical for bathroom blinds, faux wood alternatives are readily available and PVC blinds are durable, easy to maintain and come in any colour.  Wood blinds offer a renewable alternative to manmade materials and are an attractive addition to any home.  Liners can also be added to bathroom blinds to ensure privacy and control the amount of light allowed to filter in.  As bathroom blinds are hung in a humid environment, consider selecting those made with water-resistant materials.  Blinds are far easier to clean and maintain than traditional window decoration.  Dust can be wiped away once a week with a soft cloth and annual washing with warm soapy water will keep your bathroom blinds looking like new.  Many materials are mould and mildew-resistant, making bathroom blinds a healthy alternative.  If mould or mildew do appear, simply wash with a solution of white vinegar or diluted chlorine bleach to remove.Bathroom blinds are a practical, stylish option that will enhance the beauty of your home.

The Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds provide a room with a warm, natural glow and make an impact statement in a room, particularly if the rest of the room is neutral.  If natural wood is chosen, the warm texture of the wood grain adds a new dimension to an otherwise neutral room.Wooden blinds are often used horizontally, such as in venetian blinds, but wooden vertical blinds can be a refreshing change.The slat widths used in horizontal venetian blinds are usually 25, 35 or 50 millimetres.  Vertical blinds and venetian blinds offer great flexibility regarding the amount of light entering and leaving a room as the slats all rotate in unison.  Changing from a completely closed position to one where a lot of light enters a room can be quickly done by turning the wand or adjusting a cord.Wooden venetian blinds can be raised completely to take full advantage of the available light or lowered and closed for complete privacy.Man-made material is an option many consider, especially since it is possible to enjoy a greater colour range.  However, natural wood comes in a colour palette ranging from light to dark.While natural wood looks good in every room in the house, if there are issues regarding excessive moisture in a room, such as in a bathroom that does not have adequate ventilation, then man-made or composite material may provide a good solution.Natural wood and man-made wooden blinds can be custom made to fit your own unique windows and doors.  Many suppliers also offer ready-made wooden blinds which are an affordable and quick alternative.

Vertical Blinds – a great choice for any home

When considering the type of window dressing for your rooms, vertical blinds might be a good solution.  Vertical blinds are particularly suitable for doors and windows that are wider than they are tall when measured from side to side.This type of blind features a series of overlapping slats of fabric that is able to be rotated in unison and are fixed at the top by a tidy headrail.Vertical blinds are very versatile and can be arranged to block off an unsightly view and provide privacy, yet still let in the light and the sun.  They can be rotated 180 degrees to filter light or can be closed completely to block out light.The control of vertical blinds is done via a cord that links each slat to the other.  A wand or cord is often used to alter the rotation of the slats to control the amount of light entering a room.  They can be arranged to stack all on the left, the right or designed to part in the middle, and when open, stack on either side of the frame.  When they are fully open, this type of blind takes up little room and allows a wider view.Vertical blinds come in a variety of colours and the individual slats are generally wider than their venetian blind counterparts.Vertical blinds do not trap dirt in the same way that horizontal blinds and door treatments can.  They also discourage flies and other insects from entering a room.

Blackout Blinds – have a good night’s sleep!

Blackout blinds are a great option if you want to be able to block out the sun at times, for example in nurseries or media rooms.  They can also provide extra privacy, such as in the bedroom or bathroom.  Blackout blinds come in a variety of styles, colours and options to match any home and suit your needs.  They need not stand out in a room; they can match the existing furnishings and add a stylish and tasteful background to your home.Blackout blinds come in a range of options.  For those preferring a woven mat appearance, like bamboo blinds, liners can be added to create blackout blinds.  If you like the look of traditional PVC blinds, blackout blinds can be made in a honeycomb style, where the cells create insulation as well as offering light blockage and privacy, making them a practical and stylish option for the modern home. Windows are designed to allow airflow and light into your living space.  While you may wish to block the light at times, blackout roller blinds allow for the airflow that encourages healthy living spaces.  Good air circulation discourages mould and mildew growth in your home and promotes healthy living.  Using blackout blinds, you can shut out the light whenever you wish while still allowing for air circulation in your home. Blackout blinds are an understated way of keeping your home cool and comfortable while enjoying the benefits of being able to control the level of light in a room.

Blinds Galore

Whether you’re looking for specialist energy saving blinds, blackout roller blinds or ordinary kitchen blinds, roller blind UK and other window blinds outlets are sure to stock all you require.  Window blinds are available in most DIY outlets in the high street as well as on the internet through blinds direct and other sites, and make a great alternative to curtains.Blinds lend a distinctive, clean, and functional aura to the house, complementing other design elements, and oozing style and taste if chosen properly.One factor to consider when choosing blinds for an existing property, and one which you have no control over, is the orientation of your windows.  If they face north or south, they will have less exposure to sunlight and therefore when choosing blinds for them you will need an ‘openness factor’ in excess of five per cent, allowing more light to penetrate the room.  East and west facing windows, on the other hand, will require a lower factor.  The actual construction of the window will also prohibit the use of certain types of blind, such as Venetian blinds on windows that open inwards, with the slats not responding well to frequent and hasty interference.Some of the better quality blinds, such as those made from wood and treated with various decorative stains and enamel, can be more expensive than curtains.Window blinds can greatly improve the look and feel of a home, and should be chosen with care; ensure your choice meets your requirements and location. 

Choosing Wooden Blinds

One of the best choices for window blinds is wooden blinds because of their versatility as well and their ability to make a definite decorative statement in a home.  Wood blinds come in a variety of types, woods and colours, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to match their new blinds with an already existing décor or with something new that they are creating in their home.The other benefit of wooden blinds is that it brings a country feel to any room and helps to incorporate the natural elements into a living space.  In addition, if there is woodwork in your room, a matching set of wooden venetian blinds can enhance that feature that is already in existence.Wooden blinds also make exceptional blackout roller blinds for anyone wishing to keep sunlight out of a room and conserve energy.  The thickness of the slats in these blinds makes it more difficult for the sunlight to stream through, and they can also act as an insulator in the windows.  They are both energy efficient as well as fashionable.Wood venetian blinds come in a variety of types, colours and materials.  Some of the more popular are dark oaks, cherry, pine, walnut, and Canadian maple.  Other choices include a variety of colours, everything from neutrals and silver, to bright beautiful oranges and reds, pinks and purples. These blinds are often bought as made to measure blinds purchased from retailers who will cut them to fit the exact sizes of the windows in which they will hang.

Aluminium Kitchen Blinds

Aluminium blinds in your kitchen are an ideal neutral option to use that is unlikely to go out of fashion, and aluminium kitchen blinds are easier to clean than those made from soft fabric materials.  These blinds provide a cooling effect that will also complement any colour scheme you can think of.  This is essential if you are someone who tends to redecorate your kitchen frequently.  If you are a little unsure of your initial colour scheme, aluminium blinds are an ideal solution, as they will blend with any colour scheme you select.  You can change your mind later without having to choose new kitchen blinds to match your latest experiment in interior design.  In addition, if there are family members of varying ages in your household, you are unlikely to find another product with such universal appeal, as most people will find that aluminium blinds help to create a fresh and spacious feel to the room, regardless of the weather outside.  Another bonus in the selection of aluminium blinds for your kitchen, is that they are extremely lightweight and can be handled easily by young and old alike, even when they need cleaning or dusting.  At the same time, blinds made from this material are not at all flimsy or easy to break, so you need not worry that they will become easily damaged with excessive use in one of the busiest room of the house.

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