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Roller Blinds - Affordable Window Coverings

One of the most important aspects of making a house a home is deciding which window coverings to install.  There are many factors to consider when choosing window coverings, including the style of décor in the home, window size, and most importantly, one’s budget.  For those who desire a more affordable option, roller blinds offer durability and functionality for a very reasonable price.Most roller blinds are available in a self-assembly pack.  They usually include simple fitting instructions and are generally quick and simple to install. In most cases, a roller blind consists of a roll of fabric on strong aluminium centre rod, and a sidewinder mechanism for adjustment. Typically, the fabric will be eight feet wide to fit the widest window, and can easily be adjusted to fit almost any window size. The fabric used is specially treated to create a hard wearing surface, easily cleanable with a damp sponge.For those who desire a more customised look, the fabric can be changed to suit an individual’s taste. The fabric chosen must be colourfast, closely woven and lightweight.  It will need to be stiffened to ensure the durability of the fabric and to encourage the fabric to hand correctly from the centre rod.  This can be accomplished with a specialist aerosol spray or a coating of stiffening solution before installation.Roller blinds can be adjusted in many ways to fit the size of the windows and the taste of the consumer.  Their affordability and versatility make them a welcome addition to any space.

DIY Tips - Measuring for Blinds

The majority of window blinds (e.g. Roman blinds or Venetian blinds etc.,) are installed either on the wall surrounding the window or on the window frame itself.  When measuring a window for a blind, there are two main measurement types: exact or recess fittings.  Exact fitting measurements are those taken if the consumer wishes for their window blind to hang outside of the frame (or the recess) and overlap the window itself.  Measurements should be recorded in millimetres to ensure the greatest level of accuracy is achieved in choosing and fitting a new blind.Recess fitting measurements are those taken if the consumer wishes for their window blind to sit within the window frame (recess) and it is recommended that once again these measurements are recorded to the nearest millimetre, in order to be confident of a correctly measured blind.  In measuring a recess fitting, the width and drop of the window must be taken into account.  In recording the drop of the window, the customer is advised to measure the height of the window itself in the centre, and on its left and right hand sides.  The shortest measurement recorded should be used.  Similarly, in measuring the width of the window for a recess fitting, the bottom, middle and top should be measured and the thinnest recorded measurement of the windows width (in millimetres) is to be used.

Measuring for New Roman Blinds

The first step when buying Roman blinds is to decide whether it is going to be positioned inside the window recess or outside.  Once this decision is made, you must measure the exact area the blind will cover.Measuring for a Roman Blind Which is to be Fitted Inside the Recess:It is best to take three measurements each time because many window openings, especially in older houses, are not absolutely straight. •    Measure the width of the recess in three places; middle, top and bottom, and take note of which of these measurements is the smallest.    •    Measure the drop in three places; on the right and left hand side and in the middle of the recess.  Write down the smallest of these measurements.  Measuring for a Roman Blind Which is to be Fitted Outside the Recess:•    Calculate the width of the recess and add the amount of coverage you feel is needed outside (usually about 5-10cm).  •    Measure the drop of the recess.  As the blind will be fitted above the recess and will fall below it, you will need to add about 15-20cm to this figure. If your Roman blinds are being made to order, the accuracy of your measurements is very important, particularly if they are being fitted inside the recess. Now that you are armed with these measurements, you can shop with confidence to buy your brand new Roman blinds.

How to Fit Blinds

You might think that, having chosen and paid for your new window blinds, your troubles are over. However, although it is very easy to fit blinds, there are still a few pitfalls to avoid. Here are some tips on fitting them quickly and easily.Measuring-upThe most important step, before you fit your blind, is to make sure it is the correct size for the window it is intended for. If the blind is far too big, it can look unsightly; if it is too small it will allow light to leak in around the edges. If the window in question is recessed, decide whether you want the blind to hang within the recess or outside, covering the entire window. Take care to accurately measure the dimensions of the opening if you decide to hang the blind within the recess and the blind needs to be cut to size.Fitting the BlindMost modern blind brackets are designed to be fixed either side-on, within a window recess or facing out on the wall above. Check which way the bracket fits before you drill any holes, as it is easier to correct mistakes at this stage. Never fix brackets to PVC window frames.Fitting the cord should be straightforward. It is important to remember that the rear cord on the winder should lower the blind and the front cord should raise it. Make sure the cord is on the side of the blind that is most easily accessible.

How to Decorate a Roller Blind

Those who think of Roller Blinds as a lacklustre window covering, merely existing for function’s sake and lacking style, should reconsider.  Curtains are not the only window coverings capable of making a bold statement with patterns and colours.  For the adventurous and somewhat crafty, roller blinds can serve as a blank canvas waiting for a personal touch.  For a quick and easy project, those who are looking to add a little style and personality to a boring room should look no further than their blinds for a way to give a space new life.  Both creative and not so creative types can add stripes, stars, hearts, tribal patterns, or just a bold solid colour.  Those who have trouble drawing a straight line can use painter’s tape to map out the desired thickness and spacing of the stripes and simply use paint to fill in the open areas for a clean and professional look.  Those who prefer something more whimsical or complex can use stencils to add shapes and details to achieve a look that works well in a child’s playroom or bedroom. Simply follow the instruction included with the stencils.  A little more artistic skill is required for those who desire a more freehanded approach, but that can result in something extraordinary, and wholly unique to the person.  With so many ways to add flair to these inexpensive window coverings, the possibilities are truly endless.  There is no reason why drapes or curtains should have all the fun.  Roller blinds are proof positive that custom window coverings don’t have to be expensive or difficult to produce.

A Guide to Window Blind Terminology

When buying blinds for the first time the terminology used in sales pitches and on packaging can be confusing. It is therefore useful to understand these terms in order to ensure you make the best possible choice. Here is a guide to the most frequently used terms in window blinds.Bobble ChainThis odd-sounding term refers to the plastic beaded cord that replaces the ordinary fabric cord in some Venetian blinds and other slatted blinds. The cord is bobbled to help the blind run smoothly around the cog that opens and closes the blind.LouvresThese are also known as slat blinds and are usually made out of fabric. The slats hang vertically down the window rather than horizontally, as in Venetian blinds. Vertically hanging wooden blinds are also available and are known simply as ‘vertical blinds’.Children’s BlindsThese are highly decorated, brightly coloured roller blinds and Roman blinds, lined with thick insulating blackout material that helps darken children’s bedrooms so they will sleep better during daytime naps or on light summer evenings.Pleated BlindsThese blinds are folded, like fans, to create a concertina-like appearance. They are especially popular in translucent material, producing a soft light within the room.Sidewinder This is a rod, attached to the side of the blind with an extending handle, which is used to wind the blind up and down. They are especially useful in skylight blinds and on other hard to reach windows.Automatic Cord LockSome blinds have an automatic cord lock that can be raised and lowered to any level without needing to wind the cord around a hook on the window.

Best Blinds for a Bay Window

Bay windows have always conjured images of lazy rainy afternoons and curling up with a good book while enjoying the view.  It is hard to imagine why anyone would want to cover them.  However, although bay windows allow people to bask in the beauty of the outdoors while being indoors, they can be a source of privacy and insulation problems.  Covering them doesn’t have to detract from their beauty.  There are several types of blinds that can add privacy, prevent heat loss and block excessive sunlight while adding character.A great option to explore when covering bay windows are wood blinds.  Wood blinds are natural and beautiful on their own and when added to a bay window, they can create a rather striking, high-end look to any home.  They also complement any existing décor and will be a great addition to any home.   The other particularly good thing about wood blinds is the fact that they can be painted or stained.  Those who are concerned that wood blinds will make a room appear dark can opt for a light stain or white paint to brighten the space.Roman blinds are another viable option for bay windows.  For such a large space it is important to choose a neutral coloured fabric and avoid busy or loud patterns, as these might clash with the room’s decor or be hard to match if new furniture is added later on.

Blackout Roller Blinds and Energy Savings

By performing a simple experiment, one can easily see the energy saving abilities of blackout roller blinds.  Those who are interested in performing this experiment need only open the blinds on a cold winter morning and stand close to a window for a few seconds.  Even with the most energy efficient double glazed windows, one will feel a slight or obvious burst of cool air immediately after opening the blinds.  This illustrates the insulating properties of blackout blinds.The high cost of electricity and a growing concern for the environment have encouraged millions of people to think more about how much energy they use in the home.  In addition to cost and energy savings, those who install blackout blinds can expect other positive results.  Among the obvious benefits, one may also expect a reduction in furniture material fading.  Another advantage to blackout blinds is their ability to block out almost all light from the outdoors resulting in a completely dark room for sleeping.  This can create the perfect ambiance for a good night’s sleep without the disruptive intrusion of headlights or streetlights flooding the bedroom.Typically, draughts from windows can contribute up to 50% of a home’s heat loss during the winter months.  Uncovered windows can also force the air conditioning to work even harder to keep a home at the desired temperature during the warm summer months.  With fuel costs increasing and environmental concerns becoming a major consideration, the benefits of blackout blinds are clear.

Ordering blinds from Blinds 2Go

Blinds are a practical, attractive window treatment that work throughout the home.  Whether you choose attractive Roman-style or practical vertical, there are Blinds 2Go in every room, for every style of window.  Today’s customized blinds, from websites such as Blinds 2Go, make it easy to find blinds to fit all your windows.In the nursery, you may want to be able to create a soothing, calm ambiance by blocking out most of the outdoor light.  Blackout blinds, or liners, are a great choice for darkening a room and protecting your family’s privacy.  Blackout blinds are great for media rooms and bedrooms, too.In the bathroom and kitchen, you will want Blinds 2Go with your décor, as well as to be mould and mildew resistant.  PVC, faux wood and bamboo blinds are good choices for rooms with high humidity and moisture levels. Living areas are a great spot for more fashion-oriented blinds, made from materials like cloth and real wood.  The styles and patterns are endless.  There are Blinds 2Go in all your rooms, no matter what your colour scheme or design.  Blinds 2Go has a great choice of customized blinds which are perfect for older homes with oddly sized windows, and allows you to choose between a variety of colours and styles to match your personal décor. Blinds are among the most practical of all window treatments, requiring only occasional dusting and perhaps an annual wash with mild soap and warm water to keep them looking like new.  No matter what your family’s needs or your personal taste, there are Blinds 2Go with your lifestyle.

Window blinds – making a statement in the home

Tired of the same old high-maintenance window treatments that gather dust and do nothing to enhance the look of your home’s rooms?  Window blinds can be an excellent option for replacing your old, tired-looking curtains and giving your home a bright new outlook on life. With today’s environmentally friendly materials like bamboo, wood and natural, stain-resistant cloth, window blinds are more practical and economical than ever before.Window blinds are a suitable option for every room in your home.  In the living area, consider pleated blinds, Roman blinds or, for large windows, vertical window blinds, which can be beautiful and stylish.  For non-standard sizes, window blinds can be made to measure or, if you own a newer home, ready-made window blinds are a great option. In the kitchen and bathroom where moisture can create a humid environment that encourages mould and mildew to grow, PVC, roller blinds or bamboo window blinds can be good options.  Easy to maintain and easy to keep clean, moisture-resistant window blinds discourage mould and make it easy to keep air born allergens to a minimum.  A quick daily dusting and an annual wash with mild soap and warm water is enough to keep your blinds as attractive and good-looking as the day you installed them.In bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms, consider blackout window blinds or liners to ensure maximum privacy and light control.  Window blinds are also a great way to add insulation to your windows, controlling the temperature and amount of light coming into your rooms.

Ready-made blinds

Perhaps you have recently moved into a new home, or maybe those dusty old curtains are contributing to your family’s allergies and just make your home too dark, too dismal, and hopelessly out of style.  Thankfully, there is an affordable, practical solution that can help cut down on dust and make your life simpler.Made to measure roller blinds are attractive, value-for-money options in stylish, modern window treatments.  The stunning array of available styles, colours and sizes make ready-made blinds an ideal choice for families.  Whether you are looking to give your living area a chic new makeover or seeking out a charming, quirky look for the nursery, there are ready-made blinds to suit your every need and style.Ready-made blinds are ideal for children’s rooms.  Children’s tastes change as they grow, and ready-made blinds are easily replaceable, making them the perfect affordable, practical window treatments for children’s rooms. Since ready-made blinds come in such a wide variety of colours and styles, they are a good option for every room.  PVC, faux wood and bamboo blinds are great for the kitchen and bathroom where humidity requires moisture-resistant materials.  In the living areas, consider soft blind solutions, like cloth Roman blinds or pleated blinds for a stylish look.  For bedrooms, nurseries and media rooms, blackout blinds are a great choice for controlling the light and heat allowed in.  Your family’s needs for privacy, light control and temperature control can all be met in every room with stylish, attractive, practical and affordable ready-made blinds.

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