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What to Look for When Buying Girl’s Beds

The old nursery school song says it best when it says that little boys are made from frogs and snails and puppy dogs’ tails and little girls are made from sugar and spice and all things nice. The lyrics of that little song is often true when it comes to defining the dynamics of a girl child and the purchasing of a bed for her room. So what do we look for when buying girls beds?There are many different makes of beds that one can purchase but the most important factors when buying a bed would be comfort and size. Upholstered beds can be considered but note, buying a bed should not be taken as lightly as when shopping for guest beds for the holiday season when your home is filled with friends and family.One of the more popular makes of girl’s beds is the princess bed. All girls like to feel like princesses and this make of bed is perfect to create that desired effect. With its high post and wood finish, it is truly a favourite among parents with little girls.Another great buy for the slightly older girl is the Amalfi pine solo. The simple reason is that it comes with a great chest at the foot of the bed for all her dolls and teddies. This great buy will make any little girl feel truly special and is ranked as one of the more popular buys in girls beds.  And, in these trying times when magazines make girls feel that they are suppose to be super skinny; having a princess is always a fresh welcome.

Space Saving Beds

In any busy household or even for people living on their own in small studio flats, space is at a premium. In fact wherever you live, over a period of time you’re likely to naturally to fill up whatever space you have and saving it is something of an art form.Bedrooms in particular, often suffer from a surfeit of furniture, which can very quickly leave you feeling oppressed as you have to negotiate your way around dressing tables, wardrobes, chests of drawers and most of all, beds, when you’re often half awake and not in the best of moods.It is in situations such as this where you can save space by choosing a suitable bed. Pick one like a divan bed, which looks and feels like a normal bed, but has space underneath to store blankets and sheets, instead of having them lying around. As for the kids, why not try a bunk bed, they’ll love it? As well as keeping them amused you’ll be halving the space taken up by the bed, although there may be some arguments over who gets the top one.Sofa beds used to be a real pain, with clanking metal frames that seemed designed to take your fingers off when you tried to open or close them. Now, however, the technology has caught up with demand and they’re the height of fashion as well as a joy to use.Even if you’ve got the smallest bedroom imaginable, there’ll be a bed out there that’s just right for your decor and your needs.

Beds to Save Space

Wherever we live, be it a tiny studio flat or a large detached house, we’ll sooner or later come up against a space problem as the junk accumulates. Children and teenagers, especially, tend to live in over-crowded rooms, but all of us could do with imaginative ideas for freeing up space in the home.The bedroom area tends to suffer the most in this respect and is often crowded out with wardrobes, dressing tables, chests of drawers and other furniture, which can be a nightmare to navigate around, especially in the dark. Modern sofa beds are very stylish items of furniture, with many models and designs to choose from that will fit them in with your existing decor. They work just as well in either of their capacities and are popular choices for the living room, where it’s impossible to know that they double up as beds.Sofa beds are available as corner units or settees that in the space of just a few minutes convert into comfortable beds. Chair beds are a type of sofa bed designed for odd corners or for small rooms, where they just fold out to make a convenient place for any unexpected guest to sleep.Consider bunk beds, especially for kids’ rooms, as these are great fun as well as being very effective space savers. The kids will love them and have the added benefit that, if the need arises, they can be separated and turned into regular beds.

Choosing the Bed that’s Right for You

Choosing the bed that’s right for you does not need to involve lengthy visits to bed stores in different parts of town. You can look at a range of choices here. There is plenty on offer, including compatible mattresses and accessories such as headboards.Choosing the right bed is very important, with the average person sleeping around a third of the day. Facing a new day is best done after a good night’s sleep. Typical bed sizes to consider include single, small double, double, king size and super king size. It is highly recommended to measure the space where the new bed is to fit, taking into account any furniture that may accompany it. Also, the largest beds do not have to be reserved for couples: even singletons have a better time in king size beds.Mattresses come in many shapes and sizes, so ensure the one you choose is definitely compatible with the bed frame. Mattress design has become very sophisticated over the years to avoid back pain and early wear and tear. Mattresses are no longer simply supported internally by springs, but come with many different sorts of support, each with its own advantages.Other options to consider are whether to have a freestanding bed, with space between the mattress and floor, or drawer compartments under the bed for storage (known as divan beds). Divan beds are a great way of being as economical with the overall bedroom space as possible.

Choosing a guest bed for your spare bedroom

After you have chosen your own bed, its right size, mattress and material such as wood, metal or leather, you may go on to invest in one or more guest beds. Guest beds can be bought either for a business, such as B&Bs or hotels, or for private, spare rooms. Guest beds can also be part of your own bedroom.Guest beds are typically of a smaller size than with your own bed, although this may vary. When buying double beds for a B&B or hotel business, you may consider buying both double and king size guest beds so that you can vary room charges accordingly. Tourists visiting from the USA, for example, are likely to be used to sleeping in larger beds than are common in the UK; they are thus more likely to buy a king size room to sleep in.Guest beds that may be suitable for your own home are smaller doubles, twin or single beds, and perhaps also children’s beds or baby cots. You may have a spare room in which to put guest beds. Options for putting up guests in your own bedroom are buying stretcher beds that can be folded away and stored, sofa beds that can folded during the day and put against the wall or in a corner and trundle beds. A trundle bed is in effect two beds: one of which is smaller and can be stored underneath the larger one when not used.

The popularity of sofa beds keeps growing!

Sofa beds are extremely popular, and fit in well with modern tastes. The traditional big bed dominating the room is becoming for many people a thing of the past, associated with conventional thinking and lack of imagination. The sofa bed says something about your flexible and non-conformist outlook, your adaptability and adventurous spirit.In the fairly recent past, sofa beds were essentially metal beds with some inept padding that would supposedly convert them into sumptuous sofas in the twinkling of an eye. In practice, they were ungainly and unwieldy mechanisms that were more likely to chop your fingers off as you attempted to fold them away or extend the frame.Nowadays, that has all changed. Ease of use and comfort in their dual functions as beds and sofas have driven the technology, as sofa beds have seen a surge of interest from consumers. Where once the heart would sink at the prospect of spending a sleepless night on a friend’s sofa bed, now the specially designed mattresses incorporating advanced foam technologies make for beds that are often more comfortable than their traditional counterparts.By day, these state-of-the-art sofa beds, or bed sofas, convert into equally comfortable and stylish seating, gracing any lounge area or indeed bedroom. With a range of fabrics available, contemporary features, durability and support, sofa beds these days are a far cry from the instruments of torture we used to shiver at.Sofa beds provide comfort round the clock, and can transform a small bedroom into a spacious, multi-functional area.

Make Your Bedroom Look more Unique with a Leather Bed

From an aesthetic standpoint you can create a very unique atmosphere in the bedroom by changing to a leather bed frame.  Leather beds and frames are available with a headboard only, or in a headboard, footboard, and side rail combination.  These types of beds can be very elegant, and leather has always been synonymous with class and luxury.  They are considered very fashionable and are still a popular choice for those individuals who wish to change the atmosphere of a bedroomNo matter what piece of furniture you select, if is constructed using leather as one of the primary materials you are assured of creating a great ambiance and will certainly enhance the appearance of your bedroom.  Two of the more popular styles of bed frames that feature leather are the modern contemporary flat panel headboards or headboard/footboard combinations and sleigh beds.  Sleigh beds have always been a popular favourite, but the addition of leather makes them even more desirable.Keep in mind that if you are interested in purchasing a leather bed that this could entail a change of theme in your bedroom.  Leather beds are not always suitable for placement in a traditional bedroom and it will require a bit of ingenuity where blending styles and colour themes are concerned.  If you doubt your capabilities regarding this issue, you might want to contact an interior decorator for help with this.  The bottom line is that it is all about aesthetics, ambiance, and uniqueness when you are considering the purchase of a leather bed for your bedroom retreat.

Sleep Soundly on the Proper Mattress

Getting a sound night’s sleep starts with choosing the right mattress.  The following guide will help you determine the best mattress for you:Inner spring:  With an estimated 80 percent market share, the inner spring mattress has long been the industry standard.  These mattresses contain coils for support, covered by padding and upholstery for added comfort.Memory foam:  Though new to the industry, memory foam has made a significant impact over the past 10 to 15 years.  The form-fitting nature of the mattress material provides superior support and comfort that’s often preferred by people who suffer from chronic back pain.Latex:  Perhaps the next big thing in mattresses, latex has enjoyed a recent popularity boost.  Similar to memory foam in durability and support, latex mattresses have a much faster recovery time so it’s easier to switch positions.Waterbeds:  A true classic, the waterbed may be on the decline but improving technology has managed to help them stay relevant.  Using primarily liquid instead of steel coils or foam for support, modern waterbeds have dramatically improved comfort, support, and durability over their predecessors.Air mattresses:  No longer just for guests, today’s air beds look and sleep like a traditional inner spring with plenty of support and comfort.  Many models now feature adjustable settings that let you or your visitors customise their desired level of firmness.  Best of all, air mattresses fold up for easy storage when not in use.

A New Headboard can Change Your Bedroom’s Appearance

Creating a new look within your home may involve changing just one piece of furniture, as opposed to the entire room décor. For those on a strict budget this is a huge benefit that will enable you to accomplish your ideal room without emptying your bank account. This is especially true when it comes to the master bedroom or a guest bedroom. A new headboard is a good example of this. There are now thousands of choices due to the enormous range of materials from which these can be manufactured. Not unlike bed frames, these have now evolved from being constructed purely out of pine and are now made from various woods and even metal; in some cases a combination of the two. The following are some ideas to help you in your search for a new headboard:Consider key factors such as the space you have to work with. Rearranging the layout of your bedroom may be vital, or perhaps sizing up your bed and/or the new theme you are hoping to portray. The coordination alongside your current bedroom furniture will also be important.Ensure you have planned out your budget carefully, and avoid overspending. One of the best ways to do this is to shop online, enabling you to compare prices on the same item on various websites.Lastly, remember that functionality and practicality are essential factors to consider. The last thing you would want is to select a headboard that would completely ruin the overall look of the room in question. Every piece of furniture in your bedroom should add to the ambience and atmosphere of the room, and a headboard is definitely no exception.

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