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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom cabinets – a great way to change the look of your bathroom

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a bathroom, apart from the bath and lavatory, is the cabinet.  This vital item has often been overlooked and seen as purely a functional object but, over the past decade, the bathroom cabinet has come of age.When remodelling a bathroom it is important to take an overview and establish what type of room needs to be created and how to achieve the finished look with a minimum of cost and inconvenience.  A quick Google search will soon highlight the range of bathroom cabinets currently on sale.  From slick stainless steel to a more traditional wooden and glass cabinet the DIY shops can offer products to suit all tastes and requirements.  Installation can be relatively easy and one does not need to have sophisticated carpentry skills in order to mount a cupboard to a wall.  Some cabinets do come with additional lighting or motion sensor lighting; others have very sophisticated mirror lighting.  It is important to note that any appliances that involve electricity do need to be fitted by a qualified electrician to ensure safety. Security is vital with a bathroom cabinet as these objects often serve as the family medicine cabinet.  Always check that the doors fit well and that the cabinet is fixed in a place that is safe from curious children.As well as the traditional wooden cabinet that is fixed to the wall, many DIY shops also offer freestanding cabinets that can be used for additional storage.  As long as these floor-standing cabinets fit in with the rest of the bathroom design, they can be incorporated as an essential part of the room’s functionality.

Bathroom Accessories and Decor

Just by changing a few bathroom accessories, you can alter the entire look and feel of your bathroom.  Most bathrooms are designed in neutral colour palates, so adding accessories may be the only way to personalise the space.Shower curtains, for example, now come in a variety of colours and prints.  Some even feature art replicas, copies of interesting maps or fabulous photographs of landscapes or cityscapes.  Taking a cue from such a shower curtain and using it to bring the room together can be as easy as picking out matching or complimentary bathroom accessories, such as soap holders to place on the sink top.Bathroom accessories are easy to change.  For example, purchasing a new bathroom rug with colour-co-ordinated towels to hang on the towel rails can alter the entire feel of the room.  Many retail outlets offer matching bathroom accessories bundled together, so it is simply a case of choosing one that you like.  You can also personalise your bathroom decor by selecting separate pieces that you find interesting and seeing how you can put them together. When using accessories to change the look of the room, do not be afraid to paint the existing bathroom cabinets and the trim around the bathroom mirror if they are old, tired and out of date.  Simply ask your local hardware store to mix paint that is suitable for moist environments and be sure to sand and prime the surface thoroughly, before applying a suitable undercoat.We all spend time in the bathroom and to make it a more enjoyable experience try to create an ambiance that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.  Being the smallest room in most houses, the changes are inexpensive and easy to make. 

Choosing Bathroom Mirrors

While there are some features of a bathroom space that may be overlooked by callers to your home, bathroom mirrors are certainly not one of them.Bathroom mirrors are there for the express purpose of being looked in, and looked at.  Visitors to your home may excuse themselves to visit the bathroom with the express intention of checking how they look in your mirror before touching up their make-up or tidying their hair.  For this reason, poorly chosen bathroom mirrors will not go unnoticed. A bathroom mirror often forms the focal point of the décor in this functional space, so it is imperative that homeowners make wise choices when selecting something for their house from the wide selection of bathroom mirrors on the market.While a mirror is essentially intended as a piece of functional furniture, it can also make a great feature if the right design is used.Great tricks for creating an eye catching mirror include opting for plain glass in a heavy frame - reclaimed wood can look nice in a natural themed home, while gilded designs can make a great statement of opulence.Of course, as with everything, sometimes less is more in bathrooms and bathroom mirrors are no exception with a wide range of designs out there that are tailored to the needs of a minimalist market - such as plain and unframed glass and those with plain metal trim that look great in an industrial inspired area.For those who want their mirror to express something of their personality there is a big market for novelty and bespoke frames, and even one-off artist created pieces are available.

Home Improvement Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are sanctuaries for many people and so it is a place that should be kept fresh, clean and inviting.  Looking at the same room each day for many months or years can make it feel boring and lifeless.  There are several ways to spiff up your loo without a lot or work or money.Giving it a good cleaning and removing visible clutter is a start.  Removing excessive amounts of bathroom products that sit openly on cabinet tops and around bathroom sinks gives an uncluttered appearance.  By removing these items, you can open up your room making it feel larger and more visually appealing.If you’re in the shopping mood, treat yourself to a little bathroom furniture.  Purchasing a few bathroom cabinets to hide your toiletry treasures will help add a little eye-appeal to your bathroom as well as keeping surfaces and sinks free of items.  Bathroom cabinets are also an ideal way to add a little organization.   Spruce up the room with an oversized mirror.  If you have a spare wall there is no reason you cannot add another mirror in a different place of your room.  Adding a bathroom mirror will surly reflect more light, add style and make the room seem much larger than it actually is. Adding a new bathroom door will also add an instant update.  Perhaps the one you currently have has seen better days.  Replacing your current bathroom door with a glass style or a solid wood version can do wonders for a tired room.

Decorative Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom, which is often wet and warm, is an excellent candidate for updating with the introduction of new tiles. Bathroom tiles are available in every colour and pattern imaginable and sizes range from tiny to huge. Be sure to take the size of your room into account when gathering together style and colour ideas. In a tiny bathroom, 1m² tiles will be overwhelming, while in a large space they may look wonderful.You can hire a tradesman to do the work, of course, but many are surprised by the fact that tiling can be a great do-it-yourself project. The key to good tiling is all in the preparation. Is the room square; are the existing cabinets level, how many sockets and switches will need to be cut around? Using a good laser level and a sketch can give you a better idea of what’s in store.Especially in the case of small bathrooms, look for open-box savings. Maybe you can buy one or two boxes of bathroom tiles for a backsplash, plus some contrasting leftovers from another box for a great discount. In this way you can create your own unique design, while adding beauty and value to your home.Talk to people and visit several do-it-yourself websites or read through tiling books before starting the job. The big things are to make sure your work area is clean and clutter-free and that all the necessary supplies are to hand. You do not want to get into the middle of the job and realise you’re about to run out of adhesive.You’ll be amazed at the difference bathroom tiles can make. Add a new bathroom mirror .in a complimentary or contrasting colour and it will be like a whole new room.

Bathroom design considerations and ideas

Bathrooms are an integral part of any household and are considered to be a very important part of any home. Whether bathrooms are cupboard-like or palatial, there is a huge range of features that can be applied to bathrooms to make them work well for you and the family.Choosing the right bathroom furniture, basin taps, bath taps or bathroom sink are all vital aspects of bringing your bathroom to life. It may be that you are looking to fit a shower cubicle or a shower enclosure in your bathroom. You may be looking to add that touch of class with designer radiators or high quality bathroom accessories. Or you may be going for a complete overhaul in order to bring your bathroom up to a high standard.Whatever your aim, improving bathrooms does not only lift the character of the household, but can add significant value to your home, so this DIY task is most certainly worth undertaking. Adding shower cubicles or shower enclosures to your bathroom is recommended in order to save water and energy, and adding bathroom radiators can go a long way in helping improving the energy efficiency of your bathroom.Bathrooms nowadays can be complemented by a myriad of decorative basin taps, bath taps, bathroom furniture, bathroom accessories and even the bathroom mirror can become a focal feature for all modern day bathrooms.So if you are looking to improve the look and value of your home the bathroom is a  good place to start as the design possibilities are endless.

The Bathroom Spa

In the past, bathrooms were considered places of pure functionality. However, in more recent times the bathroom has assumed a place as one of the most important rooms in the home. Indeed, apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the place where we spend most of our time.No wonder then, that more and more attention is being paid to making the bathroom design a refuge from the trials of modern day living. The rise in popularity of the bathroom spa exemplifies this trend. House owners are increasingly utilising any spare space in the house to enlarge the bathroom and turn it into a luxury area in which to thoroughly relax after a busy day. Indeed, many homeowners view a refurbished bathroom as an investment and one that will pay a good return if and when the property is sold.Interior designers and bathroom appliance manufacturers have been quick to spot the trend. Virtually every day, new appliances are launched onto the market. Innovations such as the steam sauna, state-of-the-art bathroom sinks and toilets, baths in every shape and hue, underfloor bathroom heating and invisible ventilation systems, have all made their appearance and been quickly absorbed into the mainstream.In essence, the vision is to turn the once humble bathroom into a luxurious spa. Where once you would only encounter such opulence in a 5-star hotel, new technology and design has completely transformed the way we use and see the bathroom. Today, homeowners from all walks of life have been quick to embrace the trend.

Cheap Bathroom Refurbishment

Giving your bathroom a thorough refurbishment need not cost the earth. In fact, for around £75, you can freshen up even the most jaded room and all it takes is a little paint and some inexpensive DIY supplies.Firstly, take a look around the bathroom. Flooring and plumbing tend to be costly to replace, so try to live with them until you have a little more money in your wallet.Apart from the bath, wall colour is perhaps the first thing people notice in a bathroom, so try to contrast both. For a soft, romantic atmosphere use pastels, such as pale yellow or fuchsia or strong bold colours like cobalt blue. Perhaps you might consider a monochrome look, with bamboo or rattan to soften the harshness. Whichever colour you choose, be sure to use an eggshell finish. It repels moisture and is easy to clean.Take a good look at your bathroom accessories. Markets are a great place to pick up interesting glassware or ceramic items. These make a huge difference and easily double up as toothbrush holders or soap dishes.Also have a search around your home. The chances are that somewhere in the back of a cupboard is an interesting vase or glass container. Any basket or box can be used to store towels and toilet rolls or how about an old bedside table? Perfect for an impromptu vanity unit. Just make sure it is eye-catching. Why not paint it to make a standout feature?Finally, have a look for tiles that are being sold off cheaply at your local hardware shop. These could provide an inexpensive and chic way of cladding the bath and allow you to create your own stunning patterns and design.

Fitting Bathroom Cabinets

Adding bathroom cabinets are the easiest and most effective way of increasing floor space in your bathroom. However, many homeowners seem reluctant to take on the work themselves, perhaps reasoning that they stand to spoil or damage the bathroom walls if they make a mistake.This need not be the case; simply following a few basic rules will make installation cost-effective and incident-free.The first thing to remember is that there are different bathroom cabinets for different uses. Choosing which is the right one for your bathroom is by far the most important consideration. Firstly, determine exactly where you want to place the cabinet. Then mark off the area. Using wall studs rather than nails is a sensible choice, as you can never be sure just how heavy your cabinet might become and nails bend easily under weight.Make sure everything is level. Once you have driven the screws in, there is little margin for error. Having to remove the bathroom cabinet to realign screws is frustrating and time-consuming.Position your cabinet on the screws and hold. Having a friend to assist you at this point is a good idea. Working alone, it is impossible for you to make sure, for certain, that everything is straight.Really that is all there is to it. Now, all that remains is to decide on a colour to complement the rest of the bathroom furniture. If you decide to repaint, think of the money you have just saved by not employing a handyman to install your cabinet.

Choosing the Right Bath Taps

When faced with the range of bath taps on offer it can be hard to choose the right one that will suit your bathroom. More modern-style bath taps are easily the most popular on the market, but there will only be a certain few that will be a suitable choice for your suite. Firstly, you must decide whether you want a single-bloc mixer (one tap providing hot and cold water) or the standard two-tap set. Also becoming a common sight in the latest modern bathroom suites are wall-mounted bath taps that will provide a more sleek finish and will save space around your bath. The majority of modern bath taps come in a chrome finish, with over-arching taps and helix handles a popular combination. If you do not have a power-shower installed in your bathroom, there will be plenty of tap-shower mixers on offer, but, of course, these will come at an extra price. For traditional bathroom suites, bath tap styles tend to be categorized by the time periods from which they are designed, such as Edwardian and Victorian. It is well worth your while researching the style of your current bathroom furniture and accessories to see what bath taps will complement the current setting. Also an important factor to take into consideration is the style of your basin taps. It is best to go for a complete match with the bath taps but this will not always b e possible if you wish to use antique items.

Colour Schemes for Traditional Bathroom Suites

Designing traditional bathroom suites can often be harder than putting together a more modern style and finding the right basin taps, showers and bathroom accessories to suit your theme won’t be as easy.The best place to start is often with the colour scheme you are going to choose. The majority of traditional bathrooms will have a white ceramic bath, toilet and bathroom sink, so it is often recommended to choose a colour for your tiles or walls that will give some contrast.In Victorian-style bathrooms, darker colours tend to be the more common choice when it comes to bathroom furniture, and if you can also have stained wooden floors it will give the prefect finish to this period design. Obviously, it will always be better to have the room as bright as possible, so a light shade for the walls or tiling will be best. An Edwardian style bathroom will be slightly easier to recreate, as there will be more opportunity to use modern colours and themes. Bright blues and creams are some of the popular colours for this style of bathroom. Of course, traditional bathroom suites can also include vintage designs from the 1920’s through to the 1960’s, which will come with their own unique colour schemes. But before making any decision, it will be best to browse through different bathroom showrooms to see what colours they combine with each design. Having the wrong colour scheme for your period bathroom will mean it will never look complete.

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