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Can an en-suite really add money to your property?

Many consider having an en-suite bathroom to be a great advantage but according to one “property expert”, he considers that we should not add them. But it depends upon whether you are thinking of renting out your property or selling it.

Bathroom Renovation on a budget

Bathrooms as well as kitchen tend to be one of the most expensive of rooms to renovate, the problem being that they require specialist tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians. So when you want to renovate a bathroom or a kitchen for that matter, you have to think very carefully or you could end up spending a lot of money when you had not really intended to.

Transforming your bathroom

There are some simple ways in which a competent DIY person can transform the look of a bathroom without having to dig into the credit card and spend a lot of cash. Creating the effect of more space can be achieved by some simple and easy additions.

Types of grout

Grout is usually a cement-based material that is used to fill in the spaces between the tiles and can be the normally seen white or in colour. This is an important piece of a tiled surface but it is usually the one which shows the most wear, tiles will last forever or just about anyway. Grout, rather than tile, accounts for some of the worst problems associated with tile. A beautiful white marble floor is not very attractive when the white grout is black and dirty.

How to improve the appearance of a bathroom radiator

Do you have a radiator in your bathroom?  If so, you are sure to appreciate the warmth it provides on a cold winter morning. You might not care for the appearance of your radiator, however, especially if you live in an older flat or house.  How then can you improve the look of your bathroom radiator without detracting from its purpose?

Shower Booster Pumps

Shower Booster Pumps

Showers installed to many homes are inadequate due to the water supply [pressure and although the pressure may be adequate at the bath or basin, because the shower hjead is positioned higher and in consequently nearer the header tank, the pressure can drop and the result is a trickle or weak spray. Now it may be possible to raise the cold water tank in the roof to a higher point, this will increase the pressure at the shower head, the higher the tank is the greater the pressure at the shower head. However, in many lofts such a change would not even be practical.It is possible to overcome this by fitting a twin impeller booster pump to the hot and cold supply. This does not have to be difficult and a competent DIY person will be able to fit one without a problem. However, the electrical connections must be carried out by a qualified certified electrician. The pump works automatically when a tap is turned on and it is not necessary to switch this on and off manually.The first requirement when fitting a booster pump is where to site this, the two best places are either in the airing cupboard where the hot water tank is, or under the bath, this makes it easy for it to be connected to both hot and cold supplies. The pump sits on rubber ‘buffer’ pads to reduce vibration noise, and must not be screwed down to the floor. There are four connections to the pump two inlet connections and two outlet. Usually the inlet connections are at the end of the pump and the outlet either side of these. Use one end of the pump for the hot water, the other for the cold and when fitting the pump remember that you must use flexible connectors as the pump vibrates. Do not clip the pipes down for at least half a metre after the pump and do not use metal clips, plastic are better in this case.

How to fit a new bath panel

How to fit a new bath panel

The need to replace a bath panel at home may arise through damage to the existing panel or be simply an aesthetic choice.  In either case, anyone with a basic knowledge of DIY and the right tools can complete the job quickly and satisfactorily.Bath panels are sold in standard sizes and in many cases will need to be cut to fit.  After removing the old panel, the space should be measured before purchasing the new one to ensure it is either the same size or slightly larger.To fit a solid panel that will last for a long time it is essential to build a timber support frame.  This will reinforce the side of the bath and make it less likely to suffer damage from bumps and knocks which occur through use.  A strong timber of around 50mm by 25mm is ideal.  It may be possible to use the frame from the old panel if there is one already in place.Once the frame is fitted it’s time to measure the bath panel and cut to size.  Begin by measuring the void under the bath left by the removal of the old panel.  Take measurements carefully and do not begin cutting until you are absolutely certain you have them right.A handsaw or fine blade jigsaw is needed to cut the panel to the correct size.  Saw gently to eliminate the risk of damage to your new panel during the procedure.  Once the panel has been cut to size it can be a good idea to apply a coating of PVA glue to the cut edge, as this prevents water seeping in.  Once the panel is the correct size it is simply a matter of using the screws provided to fit it to the existing framework according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You may now wish to add new tap fittings from Sagittarius to complete the look.

Using bathroom furniture to turn a bathroom into a spa

Would you like to recreate the relaxing atmosphere of a spa in the comfort of your home?  With just a few changes, you can change the austerity of the traditional bathroom into an inviting spa-like environment.  A good place to start is by upgrading or replacing your current bathroom furniture.Why should you begin with bathroom furniture?  First of all, furniture allows you to make as many changes as you wish without having to tear out fixtures or replace baths.  Instead, you can simply try out a new accent piece of furniture or rotate the location of your existing furniture to see if you like the new look of your bathroom.  In this way, you will not be out of pocket if you find that you do not like the changes that have been made.Bathroom furniture can include items such as towel racks, vanity units, cabinets, linen stands, and medicine cabinets.  While some of these items of furniture are mounted on the wall, others are simply placed against a wall or in a corner, making it easy to move them around as desired.  Depending on your tastes, bathroom furniture to suit just about any budget can be found.How then can you decide what kind of bathroom furniture to purchase for your spa bathroom?  Think about the colour scheme that you want to have inside the room.  Since the colour scheme lays the foundation for the room and the furniture adds a complementary touch, you will want the colour of the furniture and accessories to pair well with the paint scheme of the room.Another thing to take into consideration is the type of fixtures that are in the bathroom.  If opting for one of the sleek, stainless steel taps that are offered by Dornbracht, the bathroom furniture should also contribute to the modern style of these fixtures.  UK Bathrooms features many such products from Dornbracht.

DIY plumbing advice

Before you begin any plumbing work you should first and foremost find out where the stop tap is situated, this can be under the sink in the kitchen, cloakroom under stairs cupboard, if in any doubt there will almost certainly be one outside the property, but care should be exercised hare as the stop tap outside can sometimes serve a number of adjacent properties.Another must is to see what kind of piping is used in your home, they could be lead but unless the building is very old they will be of copper. This is fine but again cooper tubing went from Imperial to metric some years ago and for the normal small pipes, this will be 15mm or slightly over an inch in diameter. Modern compression fittings will cope with this minor size difference without problems. However, the main difference is that whilst imperial was measured externally the metric pipe is measured internally the difference is too small to be concerned about. The sizes that are used in domestic situations are 15mm, 22mm and 28mm, the Imperial sizes are one inch, three-quarter inch and one inch.Two types of fittings are available, soldered and compression and all fittings today are metric, so if you wish to use a soldered fitting to join an Imperial pipe to a new metric pipe, adaptors are available, with compression fittings it is not necessary but you would be well advised to buy Imperial olives for the older pipe. So before you decide to undertake fitting new taps, basins or putting a new water supply to another room, note where the stop tap is, and what kind of piping you have installed in your home.

Saving money on your bathroom renovation

Money is tight for the majority of us during this economic crisis, but updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive; check out our handy tips on updating your bathroom on a budget.Planning your bathroomHaving a plan together before you start renovating your bathroom is one of the most important tasks and can often save you money. Look at all of the existing furniture and fittings and make a list of everything you want to keep. It is a good idea not to replace the whole bathroom suite if you can get away from it as this is a big expense, and just adding some new Sagittarius taps and mixers to your suite will transform your bathroom entirely.Look in magazines, bathroom brochures and online for inspiration and get some samples from bathroom suppliers so you can see if it would work in your bathroom.Shop aroundOnce your plan is finished its time to part with some cash, so it is important to shop around. Check out online retailers like UK Bathrooms or Wickes for the nest price, and also check local bathroom specialists as they may have some cheap deals or ex-demo products at reduced prices. Reclamation yards are also a good place to get bathroom items, but bear in mind that there may be additional work needed to make it suit your theme.Add a personal touchPersonal touches can add a great deal to bathrooms and provide an ideal place to relax and unwind. Fittings such as a colourful rug or new mirror will add an extra dimension to the room and helps give it character.Be practicalThere is no point spending a large amount of money on a fancy bath if you and your family only take showers, so be practical about what your needs are. Fitting an energy efficient shower may seem a bit expensive but will save you money on your household bills.For a more luxurious feel why not add some scented candles and fluffy towels.

Dual flush toilets save water

One of the newest items to complement a bathroom is the dual-flush toilet.  Check these toilets out at UK Bathrooms.  They come in many stylish looks and are made by the best manufacturers.  For those who are tired of their water bill breaking the bank, a dual-flush toilet makes sense.  Press one button for liquid waste (uses less water) and another for solid waste.  These toilets can save quite a bit of money, particularly for families.Some of the designs are very sleek and modern, with concealed cisterns and a wall-hung WC.  Others are a more traditional style, but all have a two-button flush plate, usually mounted on the wall.  Dual-flush toilets can save up to 67% of water usage over a standard flush toilet.  Some of the more traditional designs have a standard lever on the cistern which is lifted up for liquid waste and pressed down for solid waste.  These toilets are so efficient that many public institutions such as universities and government buildings are installing them when toilets need to be replaced.They make just as much sense for family homes.  Easy to clean and rarely plugged, low-flow Geberit toilets are also low maintenance.  They were fairly expensive when initially marketed, but have come down dramatically in price and are an excellent option for just about anyone.Very little retrofitting is needed, unless a standard toilet is to be replaced with a wall-hung, dual-flush toilet.  The installation can be done in a day with only standard household tools and a plumber’s wrench.

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