Carpeting a Staircase

A loose staircase carpet is just asking for trouble as it will not only look shoddy but will constitute a real death trap.  If you don’t want to fit a carpet properly to a staircase then it is best to leave it looking fashionably unadorned and allow the wood to express itself.

You will need to use gripper strips to stretch the carpet and make it fit firmly over the steps and not sag.  The stair treads themselves can be handled quite easily as a solo job, whereas if you are carpeting the landings as well you should have someone with you to help with the expanse of carpet.  You will also have to use a knee kicker device which can conveniently be hired by the day.  This will help with maintaining the tension as you lay the carpet, a prime consideration along with securing it properly.

Carpet grippers may use either teeth or sprung jaws to grip the edges of the carpet.  Gripper strips need to be nailed into place at the edges before you start on the carpet.

On the top landing, pull the carpet tightly over the gripper strip and use a bolster chisel on the edges to push them right in.  On the top riser at the landing edge, bend the edge of the carpet over the top riser and use a gripper strip to secure it and work your way in the same manner down the length of the stairs, securing with gripper strips as you go.

Secure the carpet at the bottom in the same way you did at the top.

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