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Can an en-suite really add money to your property?


Many consider having an en-suite bathroom to be a great advantage but according to one “property expert”, he considers that we should not add them. But it depends upon whether you are thinking of renting out your property or selling it.

To give two examples instead of having a small bedroom turned into an en-suite, leaving it can add £852 pounds in rental income for a Sunderland property and it increases the value of a house in Newcastle by an impressive £39,000.

The expert went on to say that by adding an en-suite bathroom would cost in the region of £4,000, but to just break even the house, based on average north east values of £144,872, the price would have to increase by 3% for the property owner to just recoup the investment.

Space is the thing that most buyers or renters are looking for; adding an extra bedroom where possible, possibly by a loft conversion, is the smart thing to do and could add as much as 50% to the value of the home and that could be a very nice ££72,000 to the value of a typical North East home.

Renting is another area where the extra bedroom could improve the income for a landlord. Taking a typical semi-detached house in Sunderland with two bedrooms, increasing this to three, the key to selling or renting is definitely space, adding en-suite bathrooms can’t help but cost you that vital space.

So letting agents and estate agents are telling us to declare war on the en-suite bathroom, some may agree, but we also imagine that very many may not, as they say you pay your money so take your choice.



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