Building a Wooden Gazebo

Building a wooden gazebo can be easy and gives a sense of achievement when the structure is up. The first thing to do is work on the structures base:

Be sure that you have the right size pieces. The measurements will be based upon the design plan that you have for the wooden gazebo.

Measure the area where the wooden gazebo will be placed and make sure that the gazebo plans fit this. Determine where the posts are to be placed and dig 30-inch holes there. The total number of posts should match the total number of sides.

Place the wooden posts and set them with premixed concrete. Make sure the posts are level and will stay in place. Let the concrete dry.

The deck of the wooden gazebo is installed once the posts are already fixed in place. Using decking screws connect the wooden planks to the outer surface of the posts. This will serve as the frame of the deck. For the base of the deck, install the centre deck post and then the joists from the centre to the outside planks. Screw the joists to the inside of the frame planks. Then install the deck floor.

After the base and supports have been installed it is time to focus on the roof:

Measure the distance from one post to the other and lift the roof frame onto the supports, then screw the frame on making sure its secure. Next start laying the thatched roof tiles from the bottom up ensuring that there is an overlapping of the tiles; this provides a waterproof seal. Once the roof is completed, put your furniture in and start enjoying your new garden gazebo.

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