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Build your own DIY flat pack two-storey home

We have witnessed numerous ways in which architects, developers and entrepreneurs have tried to solve the housing shortage in certain parts of the UK. The latest one is a house in which someone with a bit of savvy DIY skills can download blueprints, together with designs from the internet and they would then be able to build the Wikihouse 4.0 from scratch in days.

The cost of the DIY house is £50,000, but of course that will not include the land that you would have to build it on. The house is made of plywood which is cut using a special 3D printer and assembled with screws, staples, wedges and plugs. The house that was illustrated was a 68 square metre prototype, which it has to be said is fairly small, but it is two storey and possibly more roomy than many apartments which couples find themselves in today.

The prototype house displayed took a team of 20 volunteers a total of eight day to build and it is claimed by the designers of the house, that a single storey version could be assembled by a small team in just one day! The co- designer of the house commented that it would be possible for someone with the knowledge to tackle Ikea projects, constructing the house is achievable.

Well if it works and land can be found, then it could be what the housing crisis is looking for. Latest figures indicate that 42,000 new homes are needed in London every year in order to meet demand. If you would like to see the prototype house, it is on display today in Store Street, Bloomsbury as part of the London Design Festival.



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