Build your own Conservatory Base

Step by step guide on how to build a Victorian Conservatory base

Using the Victorian conservatory cill as a template dig the conservatory foundation down to solid ground a min 2′-6″ down removing most of the waste soil and clay into a skip and level the remaining earth to give a working area in which you can store your bricks and mortar boards. It also allows you to square any corners using a string line or tape measure

dig the conservatory foundation

Concrete the foundation to the correct height approx 4 course down from the existing house damp course making sure it is level all the way round to make it easier for you to build your brickwork.

To ensure the concrete is level you can use timber pegs all the way round your foundation driven into the clay, when you pour your concrete simply use these timber pegs as your guide working from one peg to the next until you have finished.

Remember to wash all your tools and any paths patios and driveways once you have finished to remove any traces of the cement in the concrete otherwise they will be stained and very difficult to remove once the concrete has set

concrete the conservatory foundation

Build the brickwork up to the damp course level making sure your new brickwork is level, this will be used to get your conservatory floor level. Lay clean hardcore to the total area approx 6″ below the top of the brickwork and compact using a vibrating plate, then sand blind the total area using a soft sand so the visqueen sheeting does not get pierced, this also needs compacting using a vibrating plate. Cut to shape and lay in position the underfloor insulation

build brickwork up to damp coarse level

Lay visqueen sheeting over the floor insulation to the entire area including your new brickwork in case the next stage of concreting the floor splashes your new brickwork

lay visqueen sheeting to the total area

Concrete the total area making sure you are level and flat, this can be achieved by using a piece of timber or aluminium as a screeding rail, once you have poured and levelled the concrete leave over night to harden, the surplus visqueen sheeting can be removed using a sharpe knife. To estimate the volume of concrete multiply the length x width x depth, if you have a conservatory floor area 3600 (12′) x 3000 (10′)x .150 (6″) deep you will need approx 1.62 cubic metres of concrete, to be on the safe side you would order from your local concrete supplier 2 cubic metres

Build the brickwork up to the required height including the internal blockwork making sure the brickwork is level and plumb on all the corners, lay the conservatory cill on top of your new brickwork to check the shape. Your new conservatory brickwork should be as close a colour as your existing house brick as possible, you can contact your local builders merchants who will send a brick match expert to your home to make sure you choose the correct bricks

build brickwork

For strength and added detail 130 degree squint corner brick can be purchased from your local builders merchants. The buff soldier course on this conservatory was added to match the same buff soldier course feature brickwork all the way round the existing house walls

135 squint corner bricks

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