Bontempi Casa Designer Furniture

Specialising in exquisitely designed, modern, sleek-looking and innovative furniture for the bedroom and dining room, Bontempi Casa is a well-established Italian company that has been delivering quality products since its foundation in 1963.

With the ever-growing demand for stylish, attractive furniture, Bontempi beat their rivals hands-down in terms of service, range of products and fantastic customer feedback.  In an overcrowded market, Bontempi Italian furniture stands out from the crowd.

Bontempi Casa offers a wide range of designer furniture products to grace the home and add that touch of class that only the Italians seem to completely understand.  They combine the best craftsmanship with the finest materials and the most exquisite comfort.

The Shark Dining Chair Set, for example, will find a fitting home in any modern kitchen area, with chrome metal legs and a round seat exuding modernity and minimalism without sacrificing comfort. The thick Italian leather with fine finish is a bit different to what you would normally find in a kitchen but blends in with the rest of the decor superbly.

The Conico Modern Dining Table from Bontempi is a charming yet robust addition to any home, with its rigorous lines, basal truncated cone support and transparent or smoked-glass top.

Modern designer furniture comes in a vast range of products, exquisitely crafted and hand-finished, whose sheer quality radiates throughout the home and gives it a new lease on life.  Italian food and wine cannot be better served than on a Bontempi Casa table. 

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