Blinds Galore

Whether you’re looking for specialist energy saving blinds, blackout roller blinds or ordinary kitchen blinds, roller blind UK and other window blinds outlets are sure to stock all you require.  Window blinds are available in most DIY outlets in the high street as well as on the internet through blinds direct and other sites, and make a great alternative to curtains.

Blinds lend a distinctive, clean, and functional aura to the house, complementing other design elements, and oozing style and taste if chosen properly.

One factor to consider when choosing blinds for an existing property, and one which you have no control over, is the orientation of your windows.  If they face north or south, they will have less exposure to sunlight and therefore when choosing blinds for them you will need an ‘openness factor’ in excess of five per cent, allowing more light to penetrate the room.  East and west facing windows, on the other hand, will require a lower factor. 

The actual construction of the window will also prohibit the use of certain types of blind, such as Venetian blinds on windows that open inwards, with the slats not responding well to frequent and hasty interference.

Some of the better quality blinds, such as those made from wood and treated with various decorative stains and enamel, can be more expensive than curtains.

Window blinds can greatly improve the look and feel of a home, and should be chosen with care; ensure your choice meets your requirements and location. 

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