Blinds – a great way to add style to your home

Window treatments not only protect the privacy of your home, they help create the ambiance and atmosphere of your home’s style and personality.  Blinds are one of the available options.

Blinds come in an array of colours and styles to match any décor.  Modern blinds are not just PVC slats - cloth, bamboo and wood are just a few of the many materials now used for blinds.  Blackout blinds are available offering additional privacy and allowing you to control the light levels in a room.

Blinds come in all sizes, from standard sizes to fit windows in recently built homes to custom sizes made to measure for older homes and unusual sized windows.

Blinds are a practical alternative to window treatments, such as curtains, which need to be removed for shaking out dust and washing.  Wiping your blinds down weekly with a soft cloth will help keep them looking new and free from dust.  A vacuum with a brush attachment may also be used to remove any dust accumulation; making blinds a good alternative for allergy sufferers.

Blinds can be used in any room in your home or office with a variety of specialist blinds available for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where humidity may make cloth window treatments impractical. 

Blinds are a clean, practical option that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of healthy living promoted by good, clean air circulation in your home while offering you a variety of style and colour options sure to appeal to any taste or style.

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