Blackout Roller Blinds and Energy Savings

By performing a simple experiment, one can easily see the energy saving abilities of blackout roller blinds.  Those who are interested in performing this experiment need only open the blinds on a cold winter morning and stand close to a window for a few seconds.  Even with the most energy efficient double glazed windows, one will feel a slight or obvious burst of cool air immediately after opening the blinds.  This illustrates the insulating properties of blackout blinds.

The high cost of electricity and a growing concern for the environment have encouraged millions of people to think more about how much energy they use in the home.  In addition to cost and energy savings, those who install blackout blinds can expect other positive results.  Among the obvious benefits, one may also expect a reduction in furniture material fading.  Another advantage to blackout blinds is their ability to block out almost all light from the outdoors resulting in a completely dark room for sleeping.  This can create the perfect ambiance for a good night’s sleep without the disruptive intrusion of headlights or streetlights flooding the bedroom.

Typically, draughts from windows can contribute up to 50% of a home’s heat loss during the winter months.  Uncovered windows can also force the air conditioning to work even harder to keep a home at the desired temperature during the warm summer months.  With fuel costs increasing and environmental concerns becoming a major consideration, the benefits of blackout blinds are clear.

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