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Black mould in bathrooms puts off home buyers

A new survey by a leading UK bathroom retailer has found that black mould in the bathroom is enough to put some potential home buyers off a property. 50% of those questioned said that black mould would be enough to put them off buying a property, with out-dated or old bathrooms also high on people’s list.

The study, commissioned by UK Bathrooms shows that potential home buyers can be put off by bad bathrooms, so it should be a main consideration to home sellers before putting their property on the market. As a part of their ongoing research into what prospective homebuyers look for, UK Bathrooms asked 1,000 UK residents ‘What do you find most off putting in a bathroom when buying a house?’

Half of those surveyed (50%) said that black mould and a bad silicone finish would make them think twice about a property. Many participants were put off by the age or style of a bathroom, with 24% stating that old or out-dated bathroom suites put them off, while 14% said that the colour scheme would be enough to make them think twice.

Surprisingly, 9% of respondents said that cracked or broken tiles in the bathroom would be enough to put them off a property, while some respondents would question the quality of a newly fitted bathroom suite or if it was hiding something more sinister.

Others stated that the position of the bathroom would put them off, such as a ground floor bathroom, or bathrooms that use the space available poorly. Badly fitted pipework and wiring were also concerns for potential home buyers, especially in older houses.

Mark Walters from ukBathrooms said:

“From our extensive research we can now begin to understand what people look for in a bathroom when they are buying a property. This is a great help to potential buyers, sellers and estate agents alike. Not only is black mould unsightly it can also cause health issues in some. “

He added, “Black mould can be problematic, but there are ways to clear it from your home and keep the amount it grows back to a minimum. If you’re selling your home, we would recommend tackling any mould issues you may have and keeping on top of it so you don’t put off potential buyers. “

UK Bathrooms recommends that you use a good quality mould remover to clean your bathroom and prevent mould coming back. If you still struggle with black mould then it might be time to upgrade your ventilation system. Ventilation is key to helping reduce and prevent black mould from growing and fitting an extractor fan is a quick and easy way of adding extra ventilation to the bathroom.

UK Bathrooms also asked the same question to their twitter followers with similar results, here are some of the comments received:

“Mould! It might be an underlying problem!” Samantha (@PrincessP100)

“Damp and mould” Agata (@AgataPokutycka)

“Mould and/or spiders!” Chloe (@9grandstudent)

“Lime scale” Rosie (@Silly_Secrets)

“If buying then damp/mould as you can fit a new bathroom anyway but if renting then carpets, pink/brown/green baths and toilets.” Michaela (@YorkshireMumOf2)

“Coloured bathroom suites and wood panelling…..#shudder” Lottie (@WhatLottieLoves)

“A coloured suite other than white. And too much floral print!” Caroline (@notesFcaroline)

“The bathroom being on the ground floor in a two story house!” Amy (@teacupcocktails)

“Not having both a bath AND shower.” Lora (@blogfrosting)

“I’ve seen some terrible bathrooms in my time of renting & viewing! Ancient suites with no shower are the worst.” Becky (@BeckysBoudoir)

“Carpet. I ripped the carpet out as soon as got in.” Sarah (@MsSBurns)

“Just a shower, old decor! I love everything fresh, clean and modern!” Liza (@LizaPrideaux)

What do you find most off putting in a bathroom when buying a house? Get involved below.


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