Benefits of Using Inscreed Kits

Inscreed heating kits can be installed with most floor coverings. Inscreed heating cables are flexible, which means that they are easy to install. Some kits come with a connection cable so that you can easily connect to a thermostat. Programmable thermostats are usually included in the kit.

Along with the thermostat and the connection cable, inscreed kits also usually include the heating cables, fixing tape, and installation instructions. There are different sizes of cables available so be sure to select the right kit for your room. You will require a larger system if you are planning to install underfloor heating in large rooms such as the living room.

Inscreed cable kits are suitable for use in rooms where a new screeded floor can be laid, such as bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories, entrances and living rooms. The kits are designed for use in a construction environment, and come ready to install.

When beginning to install inscreed kits, sub-floors must be clean, particularly if the kit is being used with foil insulation. The initial stages of the installation should be straight forward if the instructions with the kit are followed correctly. For the connection of the thermostat and the mains supply, a qualified electrician will be required. The electrician will install the thermostat in the same room as the underfloor heating, with the exception of bathrooms. Bathrooms will usually have a floor-sensing thermostat as the thermostat has to be placed outside of the room. Once the electrician has made the final connections and carried out an insulation test, the system will be ready to use.

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