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Bedtime revealed as the biggest stress for parents

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Parenting brings a lot of joy to many, but it can also be one of the most stressful times for parents. Research by an online blind retailer looking into the home lives of families has found that bedtime comes top of the most stressful times of the day for many parents.

The study, conducted by surveyed 1,000 parents in the UK in a bid to find out how parents feel about the different aspects of parenting. They asked, “What’s the most stressful part of parenting?” and respondents could choose from a list of answers. 29% of parents admitted that bedtime was the most stressful part of parenting, closely followed by shopping with 26% of the vote.

The survey results showed:

  • Bedtime was the most stressful part of parenting for many with 29% of the vote.
  • Shopping came in second with 26% of the vote, with many admitted that it was hard work with a little one in tow.
  • Travelling was also considered a strain for many parents, with 23% of respondents finding it the most stressful.
  • Surprisingly, the least stressful time for parents was bath time, with only 4% of respondents finding it demanding.
  • 7% of parent stated that dinner time was the most stressful part of being a parent.
  • While, 11% said that eating out with children was a challenge.

Blinds 2go also asked parents through their Twitter page to get involved and say what they found the most stressful. Many agreed that bedtime was pretty stressful; some of the responses are below:

I’m struggling with a 9 year old who won’t sleep. Past 1am this morning before he gave in. We started at 8pm. – Elaine,

Bed time sometimes! Tantrums definitely. – Bex (@OhNoItsBex), I Always Believed In Futures

Depends on the child. Bedtime with my oldest, travelling with my youngest. – Michaela (@YorkshireMumOf2), Adventures Of A YorkshireMum

Getting to sleep is the problem at my house. – Sarah (@Glasgow_Mummy), Glasgow Mummy

Blinds 2go Head of Design Leah Brandwood offered some advice to parents struggling with their children at bedtime, she said:

“Creating the right environment for sleep is one way to make sure you child has less interruptions to their sleep pattern. We would recommend blackout roller blinds for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, especially if you live in a noisy area or somewhere which is well lit at night. Blackout roller blinds are also beneficial to parent’s bedrooms as well ensuring you also get sleep when you can.”

She added, “When it comes to blinds in children’s bedrooms as well as providing a good environment to sleep in, safety is also important. Our blackout blinds come with child safety features and devices which meet government legislation.”

Get involved! Tell us what you think the most stressful part of being a parent is below.



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