Beds to Save Space

Wherever we live, be it a tiny studio flat or a large detached house, we’ll sooner or later come up against a space problem as the junk accumulates. Children and teenagers, especially, tend to live in over-crowded rooms, but all of us could do with imaginative ideas for freeing up space in the home.

The bedroom area tends to suffer the most in this respect and is often crowded out with wardrobes, dressing tables, chests of drawers and other furniture, which can be a nightmare to navigate around, especially in the dark.

Modern sofa beds are very stylish items of furniture, with many models and designs to choose from that will fit them in with your existing decor. They work just as well in either of their capacities and are popular choices for the living room, where it’s impossible to know that they double up as beds.

Sofa beds are available as corner units or settees that in the space of just a few minutes convert into comfortable beds. Chair beds are a type of sofa bed designed for odd corners or for small rooms, where they just fold out to make a convenient place for any unexpected guest to sleep.

Consider bunk beds, especially for kids’ rooms, as these are great fun as well as being very effective space savers. The kids will love them and have the added benefit that, if the need arises, they can be separated and turned into regular beds.

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