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Beach views are what most people would like when buying a home

There are a number of excellent expressions in use today and one of these is “location, location, location” and according to house hunters this expresses their feeling when it comes to an ideal home.

A survey was conducted by Hillarys the blind firm and the result of the poll that they conducted found that 71% of those asked preferred an outlook onto a beach as their most desirable view. Of course this was not something that everyone would want and some 24% said that they would prefer an aspect of bustling city life.

The actual results of the poll will not come as a surprise to most people as they reveal that whist the beach view came top, coastal landscapes were not far behind at 65% and picturesque village life with 54% should not surprise many people. What should not surprise the young and upwardly mobile is that 10% said that city life with busy bustling streets was there preferred outlook.

When the survey was conducted the respondent were initially asked what views they would prefer for their house given a choice. 46% said an outlook over farmland with animals in view; this took it into fourth place. Rural countryside was placed next with39%, followed by suburban community at 36%, city life 24%, then along came historic or heritage sites 22%, with woodland scoring 21%. Some people said they would prefer to see other houses, perhaps it made them feel more comfortable and part of a community, others, industrial city life was the desire of 9% of those asked.

It seems from the survey that few of us have what we regard as an ideal outlook, with only 19% saying they did, on average the persons surveyed said that they would pay a premium of up to 20% more to get the view they wanted. What is evident is that here in the UK we have some fantastic and breath-taking scenery and we have a tendency to forget it at times. So in spite of this it is the view of a sandy beach that the majority want to see from their homes, perhaps a nice beach fronted holiday home could be the answer.



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