Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

Selecting a style for your new bathroom can be intimidating and overwhelming.  There are so many options to choose from, so many colour palates, so many fixtures and finishes that it is simply too difficult to decide.  This is, especially true if you have lived with a bathroom that has been in need of updating for some time.

The bathroom is aptly nicknamed the ‘restroom’ in the United States, because in many ways, this room functions as a room of rest, albeit of short duration.  One way to narrow your choices is to consider your bathroom a room of rest.  Close your eyes and imagine a restful place, what does it look like?  It may be a cottage from the countryside or a tropical beach you have visited or even the decor of a favourite boutique. 

The vision that comes to your mind will help you to decide your basic colour palate.  If you feel relaxed at your local coffee shop, take a second look at their colour palate.  If you love the beach, think about ways to incorporate the colour combination into your bathroom, with a sandy beach colour, deep blue to imitate the water, crisp white to represent surf, etc.  A cottage look can be easily achieved by using shabby chic decor items and warm, feminine colours.

If you do not have a specific place in mind for relaxation, it is important that you create one.  Home improvement magazines, television programmes and internet image searches will eventually point you in the right direction, just imagine yourself in a different bathroom as you window shop.

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