Bathroom Design – Spatial and Budgetary Considerations

When it comes to designing a new bathroom or even remodelling your old one, the sky is the limit as regards cost. This is true regarding design, interior, furnishings, accessories, etc. Before you begin, be aware of the room’s spatial limitations and your available budget.

In most people’s homes, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house, averaging about 2.4m x 1.8m. This means that you will need to maximise as much space as possible, aiming to make your bathroom utilitarian, fresh, easy to clean, and as spacious as it can possibly look. You may wish to go for a special style or look, such as Art Deco or Victorian.

A pedestal basin – or a wall basin without the vanity unit – works well in a small to average sized bathroom since it takes little space and gives the illusion of more elbow room. A wall mirror – or even mirrors on the cabinet doors – is a clever way to give the illusion of more space. The bath can be tailor made to fit your available bath space but this is of course expensive. A free standing bath takes up more space than a shower, the latter allowing for a generous showering area while taking up less room than a bath.

If you have budgetary limitations, you’ll be amazed at how many options you have. You can pick up excellent bathroom accessories at garage sales, bathroom supplier sales, and salvage companies. Don’t be afraid to mix old with new as long as you maintain a balance. It might look odd for example, to put an antique bath in a modern bathroom, but a stylish blend may work well.

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