Bathroom Design – Pedestal Sinks

There are many kinds of sinks and basins that one can design into a bathroom. Depending on your taste, spatial considerations, and budget, there are literally dozens of possibilities.

A good start, when you’re assessing your bathroom basin options, is to browse the Internet, look through home improvement magazines, and talk to the experts. A pedestal sink, for instance, is a clever option. Unlike a vanity sink, which usually has a space consuming vanity unit attached, or a cloakroom sink, which is usually compact and small, a pedestal sink has many advantages. It consists of a basin that is attached to the wall, being on a ceramic stand or pedestal, upon which the basin lightly rests and which neatly covers the plumbing work. Recognised as the most popular sink design worldwide, pedestal sinks often have a generous bowl area on a stylish pedestal.

While you can install a pedestal sink yourself it can be a tricky job, it requires skill and precision to match up the height of the sink to the top of the column and to enclose all the unsightly pipes behind it.

Corner sinks can look very attractive on a slim pedestal, as do his and hers wash basins on a wall. While wall-mounted sinks (without pedestals) have the advantage of easier cleaning behind, pedestal sinks have the definite advantage of contributing to your bathroom style, while disguising ugly pipes and conserving some much needed free space.

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