Bathroom Design – Baths

The bath is probably the singularly most important mood-setter of your entire bathroom. Whether you have a Victorian-style design or a 21st-century ultra-modern look, your bathroom undoubtedly has as its prominent centrepiece, the bath.

When designing your bathroom, allow for spatial considerations with regards to your bath. There are dozens of rectangular or corner baths on the market that fix neatly onto a walled area, and are designed to have panelled or tiled fronts. These come, of course, in various standard sizes although one can also have them custom made - an expensive option.

A shower bath is another space-saving alternative because it combines the two without requiring a separate shower recess. There are also lovely traditional baths, which are free standing, and lend a past era feel to the room. They have rough, cast-iron exteriors and smooth enamel or acrylic interiors. At first cold to the touch due to the metal, they are actually good insulators when filled with hot water. Speaking of free standing, one can also buy acrylic baths that are free standing and these are moulded on the inside with durable, lightweight acrylic that is scratch-resistant. Free standing baths usually have stylish “feet” and roll-top edges.

Another great bath idea is a spa-bath, also known as a Jacuzzi, or a whirlpool bath. Once viewed as a luxury, some in our stressful world now view a spa-bath or a whirlpool bath as a necessity. The spa introduces jets of air bubbles to the bath while a whirlpool pumps both air and water through the powerful jets. Either one is a great addition to your bathroom.

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