Bathroom cabinets add luxury to your home

Bathroom cabinets, also known as bathroom vanity units, are cabinets that are placed in a bathroom, either above the toilet or usually above or below the sink. Occasionally, these vanities are sold with a sink, but most of the time it is up to the consumer to purchase a vanity which will fit with the sink that already have installed in their bathroom. Even when the sink is included with the vanity cabinet, more often than not the consumer will still have to also purchase faucets for the sink. They are there to store items relevant to bathroom activities, such as toothbrushes for teeth cleaning, soap for washing purposes, and even make up. Family medicines are also sometimes kept in the bathroom vanity, and some vanities will even come with an additional small cabinet specifically for such medicines.

Bathroom cabinets come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and styles; this can be daunting but a bathroom supplier like UK Bathrooms can help you choose the right one. Some bathroom vanities resemble traditional cabinets, while others merely look like an attachment to the bathroom sink, which can be a more appropriate choice for a particularly small sized bathroom. There are even some much larger bathroom cabinets with both a normal cabinet area and even drawers for items such as towels and razors etc. As a result of the various types, bathroom cabinets likewise range in price, with some available for just a few hundred pounds or less, with others priced as high as several thousand. Bathroom cabinets generally come with a top that is either tiled or made in marble.

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