Bathroom accessories add the finishing touch!

Bathroom accessories come in numerous different types in the modern world. From toilet roll holders to towel racks to towel rails, bathroom shelves, tumblers, toilet brushes, robe hooks and soap dishes, bathroom accessories are a permanent fixture in every household.

Soap dishes are, as the name suggests, small dishes that are designed to hold bars of soap. Soap dishes were invented for a purely practical and logical purpose. When wet, bars of soap become notoriously slippery and thus after use they are very difficult to keep in one place, such as on the side of a wash basin or bathtub; therefore the soap dish was invented to keep the soap in place whilst still located near the area where it is most likely to be utilised. Some wash basins actually come with their own soap dish already built in, usually in the form of a small groove near to the tap area. Usually coming in an oval shape (although there are other variations in existence), soap dishes are made from various substances including metal, ceramic, plastic and glass. Soap dispensers can vary in price from very cheap plastic versions to surprisingly expensive designer models.

For soap variations such as foam soap or liquid soap, a soap dish is not used, with those usually being kept in soap dispensers, which are essentially plastic pumps that squeeze out the liquid or foam soap when a handled is pressed. This kind of soap is most often the favoured form of soap used in public facilities.

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