Backsplash in China Mosaic

Create a unique, one of a kind backsplash for your kitchen sink or bathroom wash hand basin using up your chipped and broken china as tiles. You can be as creative as you like and be assured that you are the only person with that exact pattern. It will only take a few short hours.

Tools and Materials: Background board to mosaic, broken up china plates and cups, grout, grout spreader, card for template, scissors, rubber gloves, tile snips for breaking up china, mosaic glue and glue for the backsplash board.

Preparation: Break up old china plates and cups into small and large pieces, as desired.

Measure backsplash and create your unique pattern using a large sheet of card to create a template. Fit the template to the backsplash and then lay it down on the board to be used as a base for the mosaic. Lay this board on a flat surface to fit the china pieces to the pattern.

Prepare the glue according to instructions and leave a quarter of an inch space between the china pieces on your pattern. Glue the china to the pattern and allow to dry for a full day.

When the glue has dried completely and your pattern is in place, prepare the grout, mixing to a pancake batter consistency. Spread the grout between and over the china pattern and after a quarter of an hour wipe off any excess with a damp sponge. Finally, fix your masterpiece to the backsplash with strong glue and when it has completely dried wipe off with a dry cloth.

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