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From pre-fab to Grand Design, the modular home comes of age

Can the pre-fab be a leader in beautiful home design? We think it’s the way to go.

Mention pre-fab housing to anyone over 50 and they’re likely to have stories of their experiences with post war quick build dwellings that were intended to get Britain through its housing crisis. When they were built there was little love for them, but as replacement programmes diminished their numbers so a groundswell of affection led to a number being protected by listed building status.

Homeowners go green to save money rather than to help the environment

Although eight out of ten homeowners are implementing ways to save energy in their homes, it seems like the majority of them do so to save money and not for environmental reasons. According to new figures released by M&S Bank, 80% of home owners have made at least one green improvement to their home in the last year including fitting energy saving light bulbs, recycling and switching off lights in unused rooms.

Mortgage approval rates fall in May

Fears are growing that the housing market could slow in the UK after the number of mortgage approvals dropped 3.5% in May compared to 2013. The British Bankers Associations latest report shows that the number of mortgages approved by banks fell in May, the fourth consecutive drop in approvals.

Walkie-Talkie Skyscraper in London to get its own sunshade

Developers at the iconic 20 Fenchurch building, dubbed the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ in London have been given planning permission to install a bris soleil sunshade to the building after the suns reflection off the building caused damage to cars and businesses in a nearby street.

Labour to announce plans for large scale reforms to the rental market

Ed Miliband will today announce plans for a large scale shakeup of the rental market as part of the Labour party’s campaign to tackle the ‘cost of living crisis’.

The announcement will outlay plans to ban landlords from evicting tenants as a quick way to increase their income and will also ban letting agents from demanding fees from tenants, in the biggest shakeup of the rental market for more than two decades.

DIY Safety Tips for the Easter holidays

Easter is the busiest time of year for DIYer’s planning to do up their homes, with an estimated 9.5 million Brits doing some kind of home improvement over the weekend. As always, doing a DIY project that has been bugging you can be really satisfying, but remember to be safe.

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