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UK to get new property index for the buy to let market

The UK is set to have a new property index which will feature more micro level data meant to provide an advanced insight into buy to let investment. The Landbay Rental Index is due to be available for the first time later this month and is powered by MIAC.

Summer projects to spruce up your home

Summer is the best time of year to do those much needed DIY projects that seem to get left forever. The good weather and lighter night’s means that you have plenty of time to finish your projects and revitalise your home.

Kitchen flooring: your choice matters

There’s no really easy room to choose flooring for because they all present their own challenges – it would be nice to have a plush living room carpet but pets and children could ruin it, while bathroom floors have to be capable of withstanding the effects of ever-present moisture in the form of water or steam.

Bedtime revealed as the biggest stress for parents

Parenting brings a lot of joy to many, but it can also be one of the most stressful times for parents. Research by an online blind retailer looking into the home lives of families has found that bedtime comes top of the most stressful times of the day for many parents.

Evicted tenants hit record levels as social security cuts take hold

Newly released figures have shown that more than 30,000 tenants were evicted from their homes by the end of September, with social landlords stating that the bedroom tax was to blame.

The number of people evicted from households in England and Wales has bit record levels in Q3 of this year, with social security cuts among the excuses leading to over 100 evictions a day. The figures, compiled by the Ministry of Justice show that over 11,000 rented properties were repossessed by bailiffs in the three months from July to September, the highest quarterly figures since the year 2000 when records began. Meanwhile, just 2,805 mortgage borrowers were evicted during the same period. (more…)

Are printable flooring designs the future of interior design?

Technology is moving at break nose speed and now affects every part of our lives including our homes. Smart home accessories such as wireless entertainment systems and computer controlled heating systems are becoming really popular as people embrace this new technology, and UK Flooring Direct think that they have come up with the future of flooring – custom designed and printer flooring.

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