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House prices fall for the first time this year

The prices being asked for houses have, according to the Rightmove House Price Index, fallen for the first time this year. The fall of 0.8% is of course an average and some areas of the country have seen falls greater than this, the North and East Midlands taking a bigger hit than some of the hot property areas such as Bristol and Portsmouth, greater London seeing a fall of only 0.4%.

It is not unusual to see a slowdown in the housing market at this time of year, with holidays in full swing and this year the added distraction of the football World Cup has also had an effect on the market. In some quarters, the rumours that mortgages will be more difficult to obtain and fears that interest rates before the forthcoming election will rise, making repayments more costly. (more…)

From pre-fab to Grand Design, the modular home comes of age

Can the pre-fab be a leader in beautiful home design? We think it’s the way to go.

Mention pre-fab housing to anyone over 50 and they’re likely to have stories of their experiences with post war quick build dwellings that were intended to get Britain through its housing crisis. When they were built there was little love for them, but as replacement programmes diminished their numbers so a groundswell of affection led to a number being protected by listed building status.

Property Buyers Put Off By ‘No Garden’ and ‘Old Bathrooms’ as House Prices Rise

House prices are still continuing to rise in the UK with London causing the biggest increase. The Halifax has found that between April and June house prices were 2.3 per cent higher than the previous three months. Despite slight drops in prices, houses are still 8.8 per cent higher than this time last year, with no sign of slowing down just yet despite a drop of 0.6% in June as predictions state prices will continue to rise.

Investing in Property – Where should I invest? UK & Abroad

Over the years property has proven to be a sound investment for thousands of savvy people with money to spare. While property markets have seen short term wobbles in most parts of the world, over a long stretch, and that might mean fifteen years or more, property has usually out-performed other opportunities.

Britain’s home grown shanty towns

The idea of shanty towns might make you think of India, South Africa, or Brazilian favelas, where the poor and desperate set up home using whatever they can find for shelter. The term probably makes you think of potentially dangerous, yet tight knit communities, with their own idea of law, their own hierarchies, and bosses.

Homeowners go green to save money rather than to help the environment

Although eight out of ten homeowners are implementing ways to save energy in their homes, it seems like the majority of them do so to save money and not for environmental reasons. According to new figures released by M&S Bank, 80% of home owners have made at least one green improvement to their home in the last year including fitting energy saving light bulbs, recycling and switching off lights in unused rooms.

Rising Rent

With returns on our savings sitting at an all time low anyone with funds to invest will be looking for alternative ways to gain a respectable income from their hard earned cash. We ask here whether becoming a private landlord is a viable solution.


Mortgage approval rates fall in May

Fears are growing that the housing market could slow in the UK after the number of mortgage approvals dropped 3.5% in May compared to 2013. The British Bankers Associations latest report shows that the number of mortgages approved by banks fell in May, the fourth consecutive drop in approvals.

UK Property Floor Space Smallest in Europe

Rabbit Hutch Britain – says The Daily Telegraph.

The smallest new houses of 15 Western European countries says The Mail.

But is this a problem?

There are many benefits to small space living and we’d like to consider the up sides as well as the down sides here.

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