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Homeowners set to be still paying their mortgage in retirement

Those heading towards retirement now face the prospect of still paying off their mortgage well into their retirement. A report by Saga found that almost a million homeowners in the UK are still paying off their mortgages. Many of these people are facing repayments in what should be their twilight years due to shortfalls in their endowment policies. (more…)

House Sales Rising: Highest in Six Years

It’s a subject rarely out of the news; Property. Since the financial crash in 2008 when prices dropped to their lowest levels, things have been on the up, 2009 saw them at their lowest and since then, barring the general election year (2010 - 2011) they have been gradually rising. Following suit are sales, as prices rise so do sales. But is this good news?

Construction boosted by house building in March

There has been a surge in house building since the beginning of the year which has given a boost to the construction industry, a possible sign that things may be on the up. Activity in the first quarter of the year is at a level which hasn’t been seen since 2007, hopefully adding movement market. After recent news that demand for housing far outstrips supply at the moment could lead to a bubble, new home building is welcomed news.

Severe Winter Weather Causes a Shortage of Fences

The gale-force winds experienced around the country this past winter has seen many people’s garden fences either destroyed or broken. This has caused a national shortage of fences at a time when many people are starting their spring garden DIY. Many DIY stores have been selling out of fencing, which seems to have caused a black market in the product.

House price inflation outstrips wage rises

With house prices rising eight times faster than wages, even more difficulties are being faced by people wanting to buy a house, particularly first time buyers. According to a leading mortgage provider, in January alone the price of the average house rose by £2,000 and over the year by around £13,000.

Are Home Owners To Blame for Buying a Home on a Flood Plain?

Since December, thousands of people in the south east and west of the United Kingdom have been blighted by floods. Unprecedented rain and tidal surges, something which has not been seen for hundreds of years in some places have had devastating effects on peoples live. Although those effected are playing the blame game, David Cameron has stated now is not the time to point fingers. However Lord Smith has decided now is the time to point fingers and he is pointing to home owners.

Design trends for 2014

We may already be more than a month into the new year, but what better time to start thinking about new ways to change the design in your home to be more trendy than now, when all your other resolutions have gone out the window? This year’s design trends are turning away from the shabby chic of the past and towards a more simplistic look created alongside bold and dramatic pieces.

A Long Road Ahead - Housing crisis will continue for 10 years

Chancellor George Osborne has told the House of Lords that more needs to be done to get over the imbalance we have between housing supply and demand. He warned that the housing shortage we are suffering in Britain is likely to persist for at least 10 more years. However he did note that the planning shakeup which the coalition had implemented (despite being controversial) was actually having a positive effect. And like some sceptics believe, not causing property bubble.

Transforming your bathroom

There are some simple ways in which a competent DIY person can transform the look of a bathroom without having to dig into the credit card and spend a lot of cash. Creating the effect of more space can be achieved by some simple and easy additions.

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