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Aga Rangemaster snapped up by US kitchen equipment firm for £129m

The AGA cooker is a stored-heat oven invented in 1922 by the Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist Dr.Gustaf Dalen, who also founded the AGA Company. Tremendously popular with middle England and country dwellers, so much so that when novels are written about life in the English countryside, they have become known as “Aga sagas”.

So if you are planning to renovate your kitchen you may consider putting in an Aga range cooker, well why wouldn’t you? They will not only keep the house warm, they also look stunning and at party time sure will be sure where all your guests will be congregating. The Aga is made from cast iron and are therefore extremely good at efficiently storing heat, making them lovely and warm at all times and always ready to cook. You will find no dials or other items on the Aga; this range simply looks after itself. The food cooks easily and it is claimed by users that it tastes far better than convention cookers. This is due to the Aga cooking food by radiating heat, and you can bake, fry, grill, toast, roast, stew, steam, simmer and stir-fry on the Aga.

As we have seen the Aga has been a firm favourite in the English countryside, but it looks set to become a must want item across the Atlantic as the news has been revealed that the company has been bought out by American kitchen equipment firm Middleby for £129 million. Naturally when anything like this happens, the workforce has concerns that the operation may be moved, or even closed, but Middleby has allayed these by stating that: “Middleby recognises the importance of Aga’s presence in the United Kingdom and intends to maintain Aga’s manufacturing operations in the UK”.

In response to the agreed takeover, the CEO of Aga, William McGrath, is reported to have said that Aga will be the platform for Middleby products in Europe, and Aga will benefit by having Aga products sold through Middleby distribution channels, increasing Aga sales and growth in North America. Aga has already agreed a deal to sell their products in China, having spent more than two years gaining the right accreditations.



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