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Aesthetic advantages of Underfloor Heating

When you are planning where your furniture will be placed in a room, the position of the windows and doors has to be taken into consideration. In homes with traditional central heating systems, you will also be restricted by where the radiators or storage heaters are positioned. If you position a wardrobe, sideboard or a TV stand in front of a radiator, you will risk heat damage to the furniture as well as reducing the radiator’s efficiency. However, with underfloor heating, you have much greater freedom with your room layouts, and you will gain more space because there are no visible heating devices, it’s all hidden.

Both electric and water underfloor heating systems have a set of controls to enable you to control the temperatures of each zone, and to allow easy maintenance. These are usually placed in a cupboard, often alongside the electricity fuse box.

In a modern home with sleek fitted units and uncluttered spaces, the aesthetic attractions of floor heating are undeniable. Another disadvantage with radiators is that they can spring a leak and spoil your expensive fitted carpets, and if you are installing under tile heating, you don’t have to cut tiles to fit around radiator pipes. Traditional heating works by creating draughts and when it circulates air through a room it takes dust with it. Underfloor heating, on the other hand, reduces the amount of dust, keeping rooms cleaner and creating better environments for people who suffer from dust related allergies.


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