Adding a wet room

One of the few drawbacks of the modern home is that the bathrooms tend to be on the small side making them difficult to modernise. However, turning it into a wetroom can be the answer and will certainly add a “wow factor to your home. Adding a wetroom allows you to add a new modern toilet, shower and basin, but you will still have lots of room afterwards.

If you do not feel able to omit the bath, another good idea is to use the existing en-suite area which would be ideal. Wetrooms are easy to keep clean and you can even have wall mounted basins and WC’s to keep the floor clear. Of course the walls will have to be tiled using a quality ceramic tile using waterproof adhesive and grout. The floor will be tiled also and will need to be angled toward the chosen drain area.

Today, there is a huge choice of electric showers, which can be fitted with a choice of adjustable jets. Although not entirely necessary, a glass screen can be a useful addition and will help prevent enthusiastic children spraying the walls. You will enjoy this addition to you home giving it a modern touch.

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