Add style to your home with Roman Blinds

Choosing blinds for a room or an entire home is an important decision. Blinds are capable of transforming a room and giving it an entirely different look. There are many different types to choose from, vertical blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds, Venetian blinds and Roman blinds. Each style has something different to offer and Roman blinds are regarded as being modern, sophisticated and elegant.

Roman blinds are made of fabric and hang flat and straight from the top of a window when fully closed.  When pulled up, they fold in several places to create large pleats. The resulting look is much more interesting than a simple roller blind, which just rolls straight up to the top. Roman blinds also typically come in many more colours and patterns than roller blinds.

Roman blinds are available in almost any choice of fabric, especially if they are being custom made. Currently, the most popular materials are cotton, wool, damask, upholstery fabrics or linen, though there are many more. There is a similarly wide range of colours, either solid or patterned; for example, bold contemporary designs or traditional fabrics like toile.

Control of Roman blinds can be in the form of a simple chain or cord and can be metallic or plastic.  Roman blinds can also be motorized. These blinds are lifted and lowered with the use of a remote control or by the push of a button.

Whatever style, colour, fabric and mode of operation is chosen, Roman blinds will give any room in the home a more sophisticated and finished feel.

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